Florida Bill Will Allow Taxpayer-Funded Adoption Agencies To Discriminate Against LGBTs

The Florida House Judiciary Committee has passed a bill that will allow taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to openly discriminate against same-sex couples based on their religious beliefs.

HB 7111 applies to private child-placing agencies, stating they are “not required to perform, assist in, recommend, consent to, or participate in the placement of a child when the proposed placement would violate the agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies.”

Equality Florida, an organization that has lobbied against any such legislation, said the bill  was “introduced mid-session, in response to the House unexpectedly voting to eliminate Florida’s ban on gay and lesbian adoptions. The ban had not been enforced since 2010, when an appellate court ruled it unconstitutional, but it remains on the books. Indiana lawmakers were similarly motivated, introducing their bill as a counter to gay couples marrying.”

Republicans nationwide are scrambling to get legalized discrimination on the books as bans on same-sex marriage come crashing down in piles of ignorance around them.  The Florida bill adds:

The state or a local government or community-based care lead agency may not withhold a grant, contract, or participation in a government program from a private child-placing agency because of the agency’s refusal to perform, assist in, recommend, consent to, or participate in the placement of a child which violates the agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies.

Just more legal discrimination, disregarding separation of church and state, shredding the constitution they pretend they care so much about.  Republicans won’t be happy until they’ve exhausted all avenues of discrimination, proving yet again that they’re motivated by bigotry and an unreasonable fear of change.

Rep. David Kerner, via the Florida Democratic Party, Tweeted:

The answer is not to legislate discrimination. It’s 2015. This has to stop. — Rep. @DavidMKerner on anti-#LGBT adoption bill #HB7111

It won’t stop until the people make it clear, as they did in Indiana, that they aren’t going to stand for it.  It may be a rough road ahead for southern states like Florida, but as the last presidential election proved, there’s plenty of open-minded people there willing to take a stand.

H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement | Image: americanbar.com

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