Flint Pastor SHUTS DOWN Trump Mid-Speech After He Tries Exploiting Water Crisis For Photo Op (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been running from photo op to photo op, shamelessly exploiting tragedies around the country in an effort to get good press. And it just ended in Flint, Michigan.

While giving a speech at an historically black church in Flint, Trump tried to take attention away from the problems that still face the communities years after poisonings began to crop up due to lead in the water. Rather than focus on the issue, he quickly veered into promoting himself and his campaign. Then he began bashing Hillary Clinton – who had absolutely nothing to do with the failures of Michigan’s state government.

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“Hillary Clinton failed on the economy, just like she has failed on foreign policy. Everything she touched didn’t work out, nothing.”

Rev. Faith Green-Timmons, the African-American pastor at Behel United Methodist Church didn’t let him indulge his ugly mudslinging any longer. Mid-speech she interrupted Trump and told him he was done exploiting them.

“Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint. Not to give a political speech.”

Trump looked like a kid caught stealing from his mom’s purse. He knew he was guilty. He admitted it and quietly told Rev. Green-Timmons that he would focus only on Flint’s problems.

Things only got worse.

As a flustered Trump tried to get back on track, a member of the audience reminded him about his record of discriminating against black tenants at his properties over the years.

“No, I never,” Trump lied. Then he headed for the door to make a quit exit.

It was exactly the opposite kind of “photo op” Trump was hoping for. Rather than a chance to bash Hillary Clinton in front of news cameras, he was put on notice by the people of Flint. His political grandstanding wasn’t welcome. And instead of appearing like allies with the African American community, it was obvious why he consistently gets roughly zero black voter support. He spent his career being racist – and they remember.

Featured image via MSNBC

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