FL Governor Tossed From MSNBC After Refusing To Say If He Thinks All Muslims Hate America (VIDEO)

Things got a little uncomfortable on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on March 10. Florida Governor Rick Scott joined hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski to talk about why he hasn’t endorsed a Republican candidate, but the conversation quickly turned to a discussion of Donald Trump’s most recent unhinged comment about Muslims. And Scott got very uncomfortable, very quickly.

Prior to the segment with Scott, Scarborough played a clip from a CNN interview with Trump where he says that he thinks that “Islam hates us.” Following that Scarborough launches into an attack on Trump’s stoking of his followers’ Islamophobia. Then Scott joins the party.

Scarborough, a former GOP congressman from Florida who is friends with Scott, asks Scott to tell Trump that he needs to lighten up on the anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Would you tell your friend Donald Trump that he should walk back his statements that Muslims — that Islam hates America and Islam hates us?

Scott, who has recently been rumored as a possible running mate for Trump, gets visibly nervous. He attempts to dodge the question by trying to shift the focus to Syrian refugees, but Scarborough, who has been accused of being too deferential to Trump, won’t let it go. He asks again,

I’m just asking generally, do you think that Muslims hate Americans — that Islam hates America?

Scott looks like he has electrodes attached to his backside and somebody just sent him a little jolt. His whole body language screams “UNCOMFORTABLE!” as once again he tries to dodge the question. He starts to say something about what is happening in Florida, but Scarborough is having none of it. He cuts off Scott, saying,

I want to know what’s going on in your head, governor. We’re friends. Do you personally think that Islam is a religion that hates America?

And again he gets no answer. Brzezinski has had enough, and can be heard saying “Wrap it.” At this point, those with good HD televisions can probably see the beads of sweat breaking on Scott’s bald head.

“No, no,” Brzezinski says. “That’s not answering any questions.”

She continues, “I know you and Joe are friends, and this is kind of awkward, but can you answer the question, or should we scoot?”

They scooted.

Here’s the segment, via MSNBC:

Featured image via MSNBC screen capture

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