Five Positive Reasons Why You Should Vote For Hillary In November

With all the memes about “Lyin’ Hillary” and the non-scandal surrounding her email server, it can seem like Clinton is the best choice for November, if only because her opponent is summed up best with the phrase, “spray tan Hitler.”

“Vote for the lesser evil” — that’s a common refrain. But is she really an “evil?” We hear a lot about Trump and Trump’s policies, but what about Clinton’s? Aside from the threat that Agent Orange becomes president, are there any other reasons to vote for her?

Actually, it turns out, there are.

#1: The Affordable Care Act

Trump hates the ACA and wants to dismantle it. This has been a Republican talking point since the damn thing passed — “destroy the ACA.”

Let’s air one thing out: the ACA is not perfect. We needed this — back in 1970, as a stepping stone towards a universal healthcare system. But in terms of important historical legislation, the ACA is one of the major pieces, and it’s the centerpiece of the Obama Legacy.

And Clinton will protect the ACA — and she’s even expressed an interest in expanding the law, too.

If you can’t think of any other reason to vote for her, this should be the one. Roughly 20 million Americans are insured through the ACA — if you were to dismantle the ACA now, that’d be 20,000,000 people without insurance, 6,000,000 of whom are young adults. The fallout from that would be disastrous for everyone, and lead to countless preventable deaths a year.

Even if Clinton doesn’t expand the ACA, you can be sure that she’ll at least protect what we have. And in this case, the status quo is better than a “revolution” that kills thousands of Americans year because they lack healthcare. Especially since like everything else the Muscovian Candidate’s proposed, his health care alternative is . . . incoherent.

#2: Gun Control

As her website extols, Clinton has never been supported by the NRA. That alone should beef up her chops with liberals.

This year alone, there have been 38,357 incidents of gun violence, with 9,845 Americans dead as a result (as if this writing; it’s almost certain to go up before the end of the year). Of that population, 2,121 were teens 12-17 injured by guns or who will never live to see graduation as a result of guns.

Imagine if terrorists killed that many Americans a year. Hell, it took terrorists twelve years to wrack up roughly a third of the number of Americans killed by guns this year alone and Trump’s fans are freaking out about them. And let’s not get started on 2014 and 2015.

Clinton supported the Brady Bill and has pushed to get assault rifles off the street. She also voted “No” on a bill that would prevent gun manufacturers from being sued, and she supports the so-called “smart gun” technology.

Even if you believe Clinton is nothing more than a double-dealing, canny politician, that voting record should put to bed any concerns regarding her position on gun control. And last time I checked, that was really important to liberals, right?

#3: Foreign Policy

This one is a contentious issue, since Clinton is seen as a “warhawk” by some. And it’s true: Clinton will not be an isolationist. Of course, we tried Isolationism and it didn’t work, but some people have to stick that particular fork in that particular electrical socket before they learn why it’s not a good idea.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, we can take solace in not just her experience as secretary of state, but her positions, as well: Clinton is on record claiming that we should help Latin America overcome income inequality — which would largely stabilize those nations (not as much as ending the failed War on Drugs, which she’s also taken some modestly forward-thinking positions on, mind you). She has said that she supports peace over war, said we should accept the Syrian refugees, and has established support for multilateralism as opposed to unilateralism in foreign policy.

I’ll reiterate her experience here, which is extensive, and isn’t that better than a mutant tangerine who wants to make the Fallout video game series a documentary?

#4: Honesty

For all the memes about “Lying Hillary,” there sure isn’t a lot of evidence to back that up. There’s the non-scandal about her private email servers and some made up bullshit about Benghazi, but aside from that, all of the accusations leveled against her have actually be retreads of the ones leveled against her husband.

And Hillary is not Bill.

Clinton is one of the most honest politicians running this cycle, with roughly half of her claims rated as “True” or “Mostly True” on Politifact. Toss in “Half True” and that number spikes to a full 72%. For comparison’s sake, Trump’s got almost that many (60%) rated as “Mostly False” or worse.

And yes, I’ve heard it before — “Politifact is a liberal website!” Anything that disagrees with the Trumpbot’s convoluted, fragile and self-defeating memeplex is a “liberal.” Stephan Colbert noted it best when he said, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

Meanwhile, for the honest adults in the room, we can only draw one conclusion: Clinton isn’t the most dishonest person in the world after all. In fact, she might not even make that list at all.

#5: Experience

Clinton is an experienced politician. I don’t think anyone will argue with that; she has a track record a mile long and she’s arguably more experienced than her husband is.

That experience is something she has over Trump and is exactly why you should be voting for her. You’ll be getting someone who’s knowledgeable about the world, and who knows her way around political situations.

Americans have a pathological hatred for experienced politicians, which is just utterly confusing. Constitutional law is a subject with literal libraries devoted to it and nothing else. This is not something you can learn overnight, no matter how special and intelligent your mom and third-grade teacher told you that you were.

When your computer or car is broke, you don’t pick some yahoo off the street to fix it for you. When selecting a school for your children, you want teachers who know the content.

Why the hell do we pull a 180 on issues of running the country?

How can some yahoo who literally yanked themselves off the streets repair a broken country? Especially one who’s a terrible business man with bankruptcy after bankruptcy under his belt?

Fixing the country will take experience — something Clinton has.

So keep that, and all of these reasons, in mind come November. You’re not just voting for her because Trump is worse; there are legitimately good reasons to support Clinton beyond the Supreme Court Justices that she’ll also be nominating.

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