First Openly Gay NFL Player DEMOLISHES Trump For Being Fake LGBT Supporter (VIDEO)

In 2014, Michael Sam was the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL. At 6’2″ and 261 pounds, Sam was a 7th round draft pick and went on to try out for two NFL franchises.

Current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump managed to get on the giant’s bad side when he chose to remark upon Sam’s personal life during an interview on Fox and Friends. Trump said:

And you know, I don’t know — if everyone thinks that’s a wonderful thing, I guess that’s fine with me. But it looked pretty out there to me.”

“I’ve heard many people — I’m not even speak for myself, but I’ve heard many people that thought the display after he was chosen was inappropriate. And whether or not it was, I don’t know. But it was certainly out there a little bit. And I’m very happy that he got chosen, I’m all for it. I think it’s great actually that he got chosen. I hope he does so well. But I thought when he — he was really going at it… I haven’t seen anything like that in a while.

Recently Sam was asked by TMZ Sports to share his thoughts on what Trump said about him, and the athlete didn’t mince his words:

He’s an asshole.

It’s likely that Sam wasn’t just referring to Trump’s 2014 comments about his kiss, Trump also news when he sent out a tweet congratulating himself for talking about Islamic terrorism before the Orlando massacre.

The shooting claimed the lives of 49 people in the LGBT community and hit Sam incredibly hard. The football player sent out a heartfelt message on Instagram standing in solidarity with his LGBT “brothers and sisters.”

To my brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ community please take the time to read this. If you have not already heard there was a terrible shooting at a gay night club in Orlando. It is not only a sad day for the #LGBTQ community, but for the American people. 50 people lost their lives because of a hateful coward with a gun. Let this hateful act of terror on the #LGBTQ community be a wake up call for America. Men and women of all races, ages, and sexual orientation are being slaughtered because of hate crimes. How many more must die from a hate crime? We need to create awareness for ALL to show that hate is not the foundation of our nation. Friends DO NOT let this coward put fear into your hearts!!! Let us all come together stronger than ever and let the world know that we will not be terrorized or bullied by the actions of hateful bigots. We are here to stay and fight not only for equality, but for our very existence. To the victims love ones of this terrible crime I and the entire #LGBTQ community in the world stands with you and mourns with you. #standwithorlando #prayfororlando #love #peace #lbgtq #pride

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Trump enjoys trying to play both sides on LGBT issues. On one hand, he has no problem with Caitlyn Jenner using any bathroom she wants at Trump Tower.

But on the contrary, Trump declares his support for “religious freedom” laws that openly discriminate against the LGBT community. Trump also regularly demonizes other minority groups such as Latinos and Muslims on a regular basis.

During the TMZ Sports interview, Sam also gave some great advice to voters concerned about protecting LGBT rights:

“If you wanna vote for someone who has LGBT rights vote for Hillary.”

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