Find Out What American Censorship, 1,000 Felonies And Viral Art Have In Common (VIDEO)

Ron English has been a street artist since before there was a term for what he does. You probably know him best for his viral image of the President morphed with Abraham Lincoln, his “Abraham Obama” poster that went viral. In this video, Ron talks about his 1000 felonies, his candidate in the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders, and American censorship.

Ron English

Ron English’s Abraham Obama

Ron’s art has always carried a message, he started off by repainting billboards to tell the truth about cigarettes. While discussing a time that he almost went “legal” Ron gives a scathing review of what he sees as American Censorship. You can not speak out against big companies, you can not speak out against wars, you just can’t say many things if you want to say them legally. And it is completely asinine in the “land of the free.”

Watch the rebel artist discuss censorship:


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