Find Out How Months Of Kissing Orange A** May Finally Pay Off For Chris Christie (VIDEO)

For months New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has followed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump around like a loyal puppy, but now it appears his time may have come.

While Christie ran his presidential campaign, he grossly neglected the needs of his New Jersey constituents, and after his campaign had flamed out, he continued that proud tradition while campaigning for Trump.

CNN reports that after months of bowing and scraping, Christie’s currently being vetted to be Trump’s vice president. According to a CNN source, Christie has received the official paperwork related to the vetting process.

Trump is still said to reveal his vice presidential pick at the Republican convention in July taking place in Cleveland, Ohio.

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The New York Times was the first outlet to report Christie’s vetting.

According to CNN, Trump and Christie have had a good friendship for years, and Christie was very quick to endorse Trump soon after leaving the race. Unlike many other Republicans who rebuked Trump for attacking the Hispanic federal judge presiding over his Trump University lawsuit, Christie was quick to say that Trump was justified.

In the end, there are always going to be conflicts regarding civil lawsuits. People are always going to express their opinions. Those are Donald’s opinions, and he has a right to express them,” he said. “I can guarantee you that, you know, people who are going to vote today in (New Jersey) and people who are going to vote in November are not going to make their decision based upon this kerfuffle.

He added: “I’ve known him for 14 years and Donald Trump is not a racist.

Isn’t nice of Christie to remind everyone exactly how long he’d known Trump?

Christie is also a former chief of the Republican Governor’s Association and has a robust fundraising network along with political connections. He’s also a strong proven debater, famously destroying Florida Senator Marco Rubio during a debate in February.

For those curious as to how Christie may have planted the bug in Trump’s ear, Saturday Night Live may have offered some insight into the question with this skit.

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There’s no doubt that Christie had worked long and hard to earn a spot on Trump’s ticket. He’s fetched the billionaire’s McDonalds on demand, laughed at Trump’s jokes, continues to take constant verbal abuse, yet has remained committed to serving “the Donald” day and night.

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