Female Reporter Manhandled By Trump’s Campaign Manager Files Assault Charges

Michelle Fields, the Breitbart reporter who was snatched up and flung by Donald Trump’s campaign manager during one of the republican frontrunner’s press conferences on Tuesday, has now officially filed criminal assault charges against him.

Fields was reportedly attempting to ask Trump a question regarding affirmative action, when suddenly Corey Lewandowski violently grabbed her by the arm and forcefully yanked her, nearly throwing her to the ground. Fields later posted a picture of the bruises left behind by the vicious assault on social media.

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Fields has now filed a report with the Jupiter Police Department, which has jurisdiction over the Trump National Golf Club where the attack occurred. Detective Adam Brown of the Jupiter PD has confirmed that she did indeed file a report and he also said that the department would be releasing an official statement regarding the matter soon.

Naturally, the woman beater Lewandowski and Trump’s entire campaign for that matter, are denying that the incident even occurred at all. Trump even suggested that this was just a ploy by Fields to get attention, despite witnesses and overwhelming evidence that it did indeed occur. Washington Post reporter Ben Terris witnessed the violent assault when it happened and has completely corroborated her version of events.

In denial of the event, Trump told CNN’s Dylan Byers, “Perhaps she made the story up. I think that’s what happened.” Lewandowski also denied the incident when he sent out a tweet in which he called her “delusional” and insisted that he had “never even met” her, let alone “touched her.”

The incident came just a week after Time photographer Chris Morris was choke slammed by secret service agents and arrested during a Trump rally, an incident which was recorded on video.

Trump’s campaign grows more violent by the day. Yesterday, videos made rounds on social media showing a protester being punched directly in the face as he was being escorted out of one of the GOP frontrunner’s rallies.


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