Feeling The Bern? These Are The Best Bernie Sanders Memes On The Internet (MEMES)

For many of us, Bernie Sanders is simply the best choice for the Democratic nomination. Not only do polls show he can beat Trump and Cruz (the two most likely Republican nominees) in a head to head matchup, he has been the same guy throughout his political career, and that is a guy you can trust.

To me, supporting Bernie Sanders isn’t about “beating Clinton” as much as it is about a much needed political shakeup, it is more about “building a future in which our children can breathe cleaner air, eat nutritious food, have clean water to drink, be educated, be treated equally, have healthcare, safety nets, and have a home.” If that sounds utopian, I am okay with that. After all, many countries already have this type of “utopia,” like, say Canada and Sweden.

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Bernie Sanders has not attacked his opponent with the all too common low blows; he chooses not to. Because he is playing politics without losing sight of his moral compass, running on his strengths instead of Hillary Clinton’s “weaknesses,” I figured that any honest homage to him in a meme article should do the same.

So, here you go, memes that Bernie himself could approve of:

Yep, the Bernie Toaster is a thing: 
bern your toast Mad Asshatter

Bernie Rider:

Courtesy of The Mad Asshatter

Courtesy of The Mad Asshatter

When the game is rigged, it is so much less fun to play!meme 99percet to the richest lazy

When everyone pays their taxes – even the corporations and Wall Street – we can actually have nice things:

meme bernie geico

With a casting cost this low, how can you go wrong?

meme Bernie Magic

Not an election soundbite:

meme bernie patricia deJong bernie believers

I wanna be where the #BernieBros are:

meme bsdms ariel

Listen to the Lorax:

meme dr. seuss, bsdms

Rest in peace, Harper Lee:

meme harper lee sanders candate for the people sara spector

Isn’t it sad that, as a country, when confronted with authenticity the only thing we have to compare it to is audacity?

meme john stewart bernie believers


meme lotr, bernie believers Rico Molina

They say we want a revolution, well you know it:

meme sanders monkeys sanders candidate for the people

A lifetime of civil rights activism:

Meme walking the walk bernie believers (Bernie Sanders)

Responding to attacks that he is a single issue candidate, Sanders invited Hillary to a rally so she could hear the rest of it:

Single issue candidate

The Democratic Party has the great pride of having two electable candidates, as is shown by the fact that Bernie and Hillary should be in a dead heat (according to the number of delegates each has earned). The primary is when we decide which direction we want to go — as a party — for the next four to eight years.

Progressives keep moving forward, we don’t say “You have a dream of equality, but really, it has to be realistic,” we say, “If you dream of equality you fight for it, you strive for it.  You take the first step and then keep putting one foot after the other until you get there. Then, you reach behind you and pull the next person up along with you.” It is up to each of us to research, to choose the best candidate for us, and then get behind the party’s nominee so that we can keep the White House blue.

No matter who you choose to support, get out and vote, caucus, be heard: it is the only way the people win.

Please Note: If You Only News as an organization does not endorse any particular candidate for president. 

Feature image via Wikipedia Commons, Memes courtesy of BDSDM unless otherwise noted

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