Fed Up Jake Tapper Drops Mic On Jan Brewer For Whining About Media Calling Out Trump’s Lies (VIDEO)

Jake Tapper has had enough of the Trump camp’s constant whining that the media is at fault for his own verbal sabotage of his campaign. Jan Brewer just found that out the hard way, when Tapper shut down her querulous whining with one sarcastic jab, “how dare [the media] cover comments [Trump] makes.”

Beginning his segment with Paul Manafort, Trump’s Campaign Ring Master Manager, who attempted to spin Trump’s “Second Amendment people” solution to Hillary Clinton comments, Tapper was on fire. Manafort’s thin excuses that “not many people” took the comment to mean shooting her if she won, that it “wasn’t a threat” fall completely flat.

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By the time he got to Brewer, he had had his fill of the low-level excuses and straight up pandering. He asked her if she was disturbed by these sorts of comments, especially in light of the fact that she wants Trump to win.

Brewer, a former Governor of Arizona and full-on Trump-ette, said that the American people want Trump to win. Tapper shut that down with the fact that the polls say differently, which of course was answered with a pithy “we have polls” that show him closing the gap.

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Brewer attempted to say that the media was at fault for Trump’s actions because they focus on “a few little statements that he might say off the cuff and blow them up.” She then tried to make it seem like the media has beeing ignoring the thin, nearly nonexistent in some cases, and really bad policy positions that he has seen fit to elaborate on to focus entirely on his theatrical, inflammatory, and disturbing commentary.

We want to hear more about [Trump’s policies], rather than the press completely and continuously just beating down on certain little one-word sentences.

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To which Tapper responded: “how dare we cover the comments he makes.” Boom, done. If a candidate can’t win because of their own mouth, they shouldn’t. The media is not at fault for reporting on the actual words coming out of Trump’s mouth, he is, period.

The narrative from the Trump camp, Brewer, and Manafort, all seems to say clearly (with a foot stomp and plaintive whine) “UNFAIR!” Stop reporting on what Trump is saying, it is hurting him, oh, and you’re ignoring big bad Clinton and being mean to Trump!” Mean. To. Trump. By quoting him directly.

Tapper’s earlier answer to Manafort rings through here:

As a factual matter on Monday, my show covered Mr. Trump’s speech. Okay? We did. We covered Mr. Trump’s speech. And we did cover those Hillary Clinton emails. So, these things, just because you say them, they’re not true. I mean, we have been covering the substance. We have been covering things that are bad [for] Hillary Clinton.

Watch Jake Tappers interview with Manafort and Brewer here:

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