‘F*ck Trump’: Sanders and Killer Mike Discuss The GOP Embarrassment

The dynamic duo, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Killer Mike, recently sat down to discuss several topics including the 2016 presidential race, social injustice, the economy and the Republican candidates using racism to get ahead in the polls.

Their discussion about voting was on point. Killer Mike and Sanders both agreed that it was a slap in  the face to those who fought and/or lost their lives for our freedoms.  It’s our duty to vote and shape the future for the next generation. By not doing so, we are entrusting our future and the future of youths to people we wouldn’t trust to house sit. How does that make sense?

Sanders made sure to touch base on the racism that is prominent in the Republican party.

You’ve got a lot of people in this country who are angry, and they are angry because their jobs went abroad, they don’t have any money to take care of their family. They don’t know why they are angry, why things in their lives are going badly. People are angry and they’re frustrated, so somebody like Trump comes along and what does he say? He says, ‘You’re angry and you’re frustrated? It’s that black guy over there.

Killer Mike also had a few things to say about the GOP frontrunner:

I played Mexico City yesterday…and I yelled, ‘Fuck Trump!’ and basically 20,000 Mexican citizens repeated it. I feel like that in my heart. I’d even tell that to Jesus Christ.

People all over the world are fearful of terrorists and the uncertainty of the future. Trump saw that and is using that fear, the people’s weakness, to push ahead in  the poll. Trump is catering to idiots and the racists to win this election because he knows that the rest of America is too smart to vote for someone with zero political experience and even less of a plan.

Watch Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike Keep discuss the real topics:

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