Eric Bolling’s Stupid Quote About Liberalism Exposes The Right’s Severe Delusions

On October 6, Fox News contributor Eric Bolling published a piece comparing liberalism to a horrific, deadly virus, like Ebola. The piece, titled, “Wake up, America. Liberalism is a virus, too,” discusses the dangers of the “liberal virus,” and how it’s replaced good, old-fashioned American values. These values, of course, include things like “Under God,” transparency, freedom (to enslave the very people who make CEOs and shareholders rich), and liberty.

Bolling doesn’t actually explain anything, though. Instead, he uses tired tropes, and myths and legends about liberalism, to make his point. He complains about the long-debunked Obama phones, and the administration’s investments in “green energy that goes nowhere (an allusion to Congress’ “Bridge to Nowhere” pork barrel project for Alaska). He implies that liberals squander money on everything while giving our men and women in uniform a measly $.94 an hour raise.

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Liberals want “everyone wins trophies” for everyone, and for everyone to make exactly the same amount of money, if one is to draw any conclusions from Bolling’s rant. They want to steal money from the rich, who’ve worked their tails off to earn it, and give it to the poor, who never work at all. And blah blah blah conservative “logic.” The language Bolling uses is typical of the fearful and hate-filled speech of today’s right wing. As Crooks and Liars writer John Amato says, Bolling reduces liberals from people to a dangerous disease. Liberals will make all Americans suffer horribly, and then die horrible deaths. Therefore, liberals must be eliminated.

But the comparison is absurd, and makes light of real infectious diseases like Ebola. Like influenza. Like enterovirus D68, which is much more of an immediate threat to Americans (specifically children) than Ebola. Epidemiologist Jeff Engel includes the West Nile virus and antibiotic-resistant infections in his list of more immediate public health threats.

What about GOP budget cuts reducing our ability to fight Ebola, Eric Bolling?

But let’s ignore that, and consider Bolling’s point for a moment. If liberalism is a virus, then what is conservatism? Conservative fiscal policy helped the Ebola outbreak become what it is, by reducing our ability to identify and start fighting it earlier. That also led to the CDC’s limited ability to fight antibiotic resistance and a whole host of other public health threats.

Let’s not forget that conservative economic policy (i.e. trickle-down economics) has destroyed the livelihoods of the middle class. Conservative attitudes towards climate change are helping us become one of the world’s leading producers of greenhouse gases, which is bad for people’s health and bad for the economy. Conservatives call programs we all pay into (Medicare and Social Security) “entitlements,” making it sound like they’re handouts we don’t work hard for. The failed War on Drugs, which is also a product of conservative policy, has done nothing but lead to having a larger number of people in prison here than were in the Gulag Archipelago at its height under Stalin.

And let’s also not forget that the war hawks in Congress also tend to be conservative. They’re the ones who supported sending troops into Iraq based on a lie, and they’re the ones who whined and complained about Obama pulling our troops out of Iraq. They’re the ones who voted to cut VA benefits, and insist on spending money that the Pentagon doesn’t want, instead of giving them money to improve the military’s combat readiness and (gasp!) pay its soldiers better.

The funny thing is, one of the things Bolling whines about in his piece is how liberals apparently think government knows what’s best for everyone, including what goes on in our bedrooms. That’s a truly interesting position to take, considering it’s conservatives who are so concerned about what goes on in people’s bedrooms that they’re trying everything they can think of to legislate women’s bodies into submission. One would think he’d give an example of how liberals are doing that, but he doesn’t.

Bolling reveals himself as nothing more than another uninformed, moronic, Fox News alarmist. If he truly wanted to make that damning comparison, he’d have actually explained what exactly liberalism does that destroys people’s lives, and how conservatism is the obvious way, truth and light.

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