Squares On Fox ‘News’ Warn Viewers They Are Being Misled About The Dangers Of Pot For 4/20 (VIDEO)

Less deadly than alcohol, tobacco, and even Tylenol, but Fox hosts just can’t help but hate that wacky tobbacky.

It’s somewhat of a 4/20 tradition for Fox “News” to celebrate National Marijuana Day by spreading lies and misinformation about the plant that makes people happy and helps alleviate symptoms in a wide range of medical conditions across the nation. Every year the lame-o right wing news channel brings on their marijuana “experts” who look like they’ve never been happy once in their life to declare that pot is the worst drug in the world.

Today, Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends had the honor during his “Going to Pot” segment and brought on guest Dr. David Murray, a staunch anti-marijuana campaigner and drug policy expert at the Hudson Institute, to warn viewers about a new crossbreed of marijuana called “Skunk.”

“Skunk” is literally killing thousands of people every year.

No wait, scratch that. Skunk isn’t killing or hurting anyone, but you should still be really, really AFRAID according to Fox & Friends.

Dr. Murray said:

Skunk is a new form of crossbred marijuana that has intensified levels of the neurotoxin, the intoxicating element THC. It runs at levels of 20-30 percent THC. That contrasts with the marijuana of the Cheech and Chong days when it was only 3-4 percent, so you’re talking about 6 to 7 times more powerful, more potent and it’s really getting people blasted and blitzed in a hurry.

In other words, stoners, get the Skunk weed. It’s good sh*t and completely legal and available in Colorado.

Brian Kilmeade interjected at that point to say:

This is to underline the fact that this is dangerous, that’s why we’re talking about it. Not to sell it.

Without pointing to what is actually dangerous about the new strain of chronic, other than it gets users really, really high, causes giggling, happiness and gives them raging munchies, the two squares moved on to talk about a new form of marijuana called “Budder.”

Budder, or wax, is a concentrated marijuana extract that is vaporized rather than smoked. It’s created by running butane or CO2 over the pot leaves to extract the THC from the plants, and it is very potent. Which is kind of the point.

Dr. Murray had this to say about Budder:

Budder takes the next step into an arena we’ve haven’t even seen before. This is unprecedented.

The potency levels are extraordinary, 70-90 percent potency. People take a single hit from vaporizing this stuff and they’re completely blitzed. It’s leading to hallucinations. It’s leading to bizarre behavior and it’s very much increasing the risk of addiction and for being dead-trapped by this drug.

Once again, no deaths, no criminal behavior or hospitalization statistics to point to. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

In fact, a quick look at Drug War Facts website shows no deaths by marijuana in 2013:

Marijuana can cause a psychological addiction, and some people report mild withdrawal symptoms when they quit but generally it is the easiest drug to come off of.

Virtually anything can become a psychological addiction, in fact Fox “News” relies on their viewers becoming psychologically addicted to their programming by turning people into fear and outrage junkies by giving them a safe place to harbor their cognitive dissonance. Quitting Fox News also has side effects, like empathy, logical perspectives and regaining sanity.

There have been no recorded overdoses on marijuana. Marijuana has been found in the system of people who died from other causes, but it hasn’t been directly correlated as the cause of their deaths. There are also doctors who warn that marijuana smoke can cause lung cancer, which is why there is a market for Budder and edibles, but other doctors disagree and think marijuana actually has properties which reduce the risk of certain cancers. It’s given to a wide range of medical patients with pain, cancer, eating disorders, HIV and seizure disorders.

So, for a little comparison, marijuana hasn’t directly caused any deaths in the entire world in its entire lengthy history, but firearms cause thousands of deaths every single year, yet Fox wants guns to be free and legal to every single law-abiding American citizen. They are practically bed buddies with the NRA. Even more outrageous, one of the top leading causes of death for children is gun homicide while marijuana is being given to children to alleviate problems caused by their medical conditions.

So I think the real message Fox should be pushing here if they actually cared about real “danger” is smoke more pot and buy less guns. Enjoy your 4/20!

Here is the entire segment:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSM8frv5r2I?rel=0]

 Photo: Fox News (Screen Capture)

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