Social Media Answers The Question ‘What Do You Think Of When You Hear ‘Fox News?” (MEMES, SCREENSHOTS)

Conservatives just love to talk about how truthful, fair and balanced Fox News is. They back up their delusions by pointing out that Fox has better ratings than any other cable news network. They fail to realize that people who get their news from a television are a dying breed; that the average Fox fanatic is 68-years-old, male and more interested in whether or not Megyn Kelly will have a wardrobe malfunction than what she might be saying.

Fox is a joke. Their actors and actresses manage to live with the lies they spew because to some people, fame and cash trump truth and decency. They sit day after day exuding nonsense aimed at the radical right, denying their viewers anything that even resembles fair and balanced reporting in favor of a 24 hour a day advertisement for the Republican party. Some would say the Democrats have their own station in MSNBC, but nobody has been proven to tell less truth than Fox News.

In the spirit of fun, I decided to go looking for a reason to kick Fox around a little because…well…it’s what I do, only to came across this gem of a social media thread on a fantastic little Facebook page called Getting A Clue. They posted this meme looking for an interesting discussion:

An interesting discussion is exactly what they got. For a page of under 30,000 likes, this kind of interaction is a fantastic display of great engagement and dedicated fans. The page owners should be proud; their fans are having a blast. Here some of the great answers they came up that will brighten any Fox critic’s day:

faux1 faux2


A whole lot of what you might expect. The page fans also dropped quite a few fairly awesome Fox memes for your viewing pleasure as well:

The whole thing is just a barrel of laughs. Be sure to stop by Getting A Clue and give them a like. The world according to liberals is definitely a better place with them in it.

Featured image via Facebook


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