Palin Blames Her Only Moment Of Clarity As The Reason She Was Fired From Fox News

Sarah Palin is finally breaking her silence about the reason Fox News fired her and she is blaming it on the only time she has ever made sense in her entire life.

In a recent interview with CBN News, Palin blamed her termination from the right’s propaganda machine on her criticism of the network’s decision to interview Jessa and Jill Duggar after the news of their molestation by their brother Josh broke:

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Some things happened that I haven’t talked about publicly, things like getting canned from a job I really liked, sort of out of the blue, because I called somebody out. Next morning I got word, ‘Oh, we no longer need you anymore.’ Yeah, it was a shock, but more power to Fox News.

According to reports, the person she “called out” was Megyn Kelly. During her last appearance on the network she “shamed” Kelly for her interview of the Duggar girls. She told Hannity that Kelly was “re-victimizing” them by asking questions about their molestation:

These girls are being re-victimized, for shame on the media for, under the guise of ‘Hey, gotta let them have their say anyway. Let’s interview them and put them there, back into the fire, and let them explain. ‘They’re innocent! And these girls, yeah so humiliated.’

These are the comments that got her exiled from her beloved Bullsh*t Mountain. She wasn’t wrong in her criticism either, that’s the sad thing. Megyn Kelly exploited the Duggar girls for monetary gain, just like their parents have done most of their lives.

It’s hard for me to feel bad for Sarah Palin, though. She and her family have done their fair share of exploitation. She’s just a sad bear because the network had far more love for Kelly than they ever did for her. She should team up with Donald Trump, after all, she whines about “unfairness” just as much as he does.

Featured image via screenshot: h/t Addicting Info

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