Fox Anchor Whines About Lady Gaga’s “J*gaboo” Music, Then Quickly Apologizes

While the manufactured outrage community at the side boob Huffington Post blog was reaching for complete and utter ‘nontroversies’ by exploiting a totally harmless joke made by Sean Penn at the Oscars, a legitimate offense was taking place at a local Fox station.

There’s something so amazingly awkward and equally horrific about local Fox stations; it’s almost like they’re news anchors aspire to be jut as smarmy and disingenuous as the real foxbots and mannequins at Fox News Channel.  At any rate, Kristi Capel, an anchor for Cleveland’s Fox 8, recently whined about “j*gaboo music” whilst discussing Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music tribute. How she managed to take a seemingly decent homage to the fantabulous Julie Andrews and turn it into a blaxploitation film from the 70s is some stretch.

“Lady Gaga, surprising a lot of people last night with this tribute to Sound of Music,” Dawson said, adding that actress Julie Andrews called it “wonderful.” (Raw Story)

Good point. Indeed, Lady Gaga is a pretty unique individual, but her music is usually as manufactured as Huffington Post’s Sean Penn outrage. But she totally rocked it with Tony Bennett, and killed it even more at last night’s Oscars. But here’s where the Fox anchor simply morphed into your racist grandpa, only not cute and redeemable since he fought in WWII.

“It’s hard to really hear her voice with all the j*gaboo music — whatever you want to call it — j*gaboo!” Capel opined. (Raw Story)

This, of course, resulted in her black colleague laughing nervously.

“She has a nice voice,” Dawson, who is black, said after a nervous laugh.

He was most likely thinking “I love my job, but what is this crazy white chick babbling about?”  

In case you don’t know, J*gaboo” is described on as an “extremely disparaging and offensive” term for black people. Moreover, cultural blogger Rafael Otto writes that the term was coined as description of dancing black slaves in the 1800s.

It seems Capel, obviously aspiring to be as oblivious as the big fake news people at Fox News,  eventually apologized after people on Twitter called her out on it.

“I apologize if I offended you, I had no idea.”(Raw Story)

Jesus and Judas on a tandem bike, lady! You’re not an 80-year-old Jewish grandfather from Brooklyn; you should know better.

H/T: Raw Story

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