Canadians Rejoice: Their Version Of Fox News Goes Off The Air…Permanently

Four years ago, Canadian broadcaster Media Group formed Sun Media Corporation and embarked on a mission to become the dumbest network North of America.

They succeeded. “Sun News” was born, and immediately they took on the characteristics of their southern mentor, Fox News.

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In the span of a leap year, Sun News, never getting any ratings to speak of, went dark this week, never to return.

Julie Tremblay, President and CEO, said:

Over the past four years, we tried everything we could to achieve sufficient market penetration to generate the profits needed to operate a national news channel. Sadly, the numerous obstacles to carriage that we encountered spelled the end of this venture.

By “everything they could,” Tremblay means they tried to mimic the hate and desperation sold to the American GOP base of old men who like blonde anchors.  Unfortunately, they ran into a couple of easily predictable social snags.

This conversation in the comments of the article by Media Matters tells the story of just why Sun News was such a failure:

sun news

It would appear that Canada is a bit short on stupid.  Sun News had its finest moment when it gave Rob Ford, Toronto Mayor caught smoking crack on camera, his very own show.

Some of the things Sun News could have done to ensure its success:

  • Hire Hilary Clinton to personally attack the Canadian embassy in Cameroon and kill some people.  CamerOOOOOOOON would have made a great chant at hockey games.
  • Report on a non-existent beer and sausage ban, then sit back and watch as beer companies, their number one advertiser, soared to record-sales.
  • Find poor people and beat them with sticks on live TV.

SNN’s biggest mistake was their casting.  When looking for actors and actresses to read a ridiculous script and pretend it’s news you need a ratio of fourteen blonde women to every brunette.

Whatever the reason, Sun News achieved a maximum viewership of around 8,000 people.  It’s more than likely that those 8,000 watched either for comedic value or because they moved there from Texas.

Congratulations, Canada, and good riddance Sun News.

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