Father Of Reporter Murdered On Live-TV Shames ‘Treasonous’ Republicans And The NRA (VIDEO)

This week on CNN’s News Hour with Carol Costello, Andy Parker, father of Alison Parker (the reporter killed in cold blood on live-TV) was addressing the issue of gun violence.

Costello asked Parker to react to a clip of an NRA talk show in which the host compared the Democrats participating in the protest sit-in over gun violence to terrorists, and labeled them as “treasonous.”

The NRA’s Cam Edwards said Democrats broke House rules by broadcasting and taking pictures of the protest and “they’re also going to flout the House rules. Kind of like, you know, criminals and terrorists flout the rules that we have in place right now and will continue to do so?

Costello remarked, “snarky humor doesn’t cut it in the real world when you’ve lost a child to gun violence.”

She then asked Parker, “Are these lawmakers staging this sit-in terrorists?

Parker did not mince words or concern himself with diplomacy. Instead, he went straight for the NRA’s throat:

I find that comment completely offensive and ridiculous. The real terrorists are the folks at the NRA. Those are the terrorists and unfortunately we have politicians that are complicit, they’ve pledged allegiance to the NRA versus the United States of America and the safety of its citizens – and it’s – I’ve called them treasonous, and I will continue to call them treasonous,” Parker declared.

The grieving father then took aim at Congressional Republicans behaving like NRA puppets by attacking House Democrats:

When you have Bob Goodlatte, who told me to my face that he would never hold a hearing on any kind of gun legislation…”

He continued, “…between him, Mitch McConnell, Mike McCall and Eddie Munster, excuse me, I mean Paul Ryan. When you have those people who are obstructionists – to me they’d be wearing orange jump suits right now. They’d be the first in line.

The Republicans, the NRA, and their like-minded supporters need to pay close attention to the shifting political winds. Every time, there is a mass shooting, they always look for some excuse to sell more guns. They promote the “good guy with a gun,” myth to counter the fact that guns are too readily available to the wrong people.

They also fight any common sense gun measure, like reducing magazine sizes for semi-automatic rifles. Rifles like the AR-15 used in 2012 to kill 20 kindergarten children and six adults at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton, Connecticut just before Christmas.

Or no-fly and terrorist watchlist gun legislation that may have prevented Omar Mateen from murdering 49 people in an Orlando LGBT nightclub a few weeks ago.

It’s become clear that the NRA and Republicans are more concerned about making sure the gun industry remains profitable than protecting innocent lives. They say that compromise on any gun control is a slippery slope that will lead to gun confiscation. However, the current course of increasing death and bloodshed is leading up to a cliff, a cutoff point of which the public will no longer care about their excuses and rhetoric.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube and Telegraph.co.uk.


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