Far-Right French Politician Wants To Close Mosques And Expel Muslim Immigrants

In the wake of the worst act of terrorism on French soil since World War II that claimed more than 120 Parisians Friday evening, France’s far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, leader of the fascist National Front, has called for Mosques to be closed, Muslim immigrants to be expelled, and Muslim organizations to be closed.

In her address to the French the day after the attacks, Le Pen, in her harrowing voice, proclaimed [translated]:

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The Islamic fundamentalism must be destroyed. France should ban the Islamist organizations, close the mosques and expel the foreigners who preach hatred on our soil, as well as the illegal immigrants who have nothing to do. As for the dual participant of these islamist movements, they shall be deprived of their nationality and banned from our territory. My fellow compatriots, we are a brave people. The Nation must be united in this test. Beyond the words it’s the actions, strong and relentless, that will protect the French and pérennisera this unit.

Are we sure this isn’t Ben Carson or Donald Trump in drag?

While world leaders, including the current French President Francois Hollande, calls for love, peace and solidarity with all in these times of horror, people like Le Pen and far-right American politicians call for violence, guns, and distrust for refugees and immigrants. Once again, fear has bred Islamophobia and xenophobia.

This is not the first time Le Pen has used a tragedy to further a fearful, fascist agenda. In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, the far-right leader called on the French to stand up to radical Islam, while simultaneously blaming Islam for the attacks.

It should be important for all those reading to know that terrorism is no religion, and no religion is terrorism. Americans, who suffered at the hands of the KKK and felt the earth tremble in Oklahoma City, know this all too well. It can come from anyone, anywhere, and from any ideology.

Featured image via Remi Noyon

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