‘Family Values’: Top Ranking Indiana Republican Resigns Amidst Sex Tape, Adultery Scandal

This is beginning to be depressing, the party of sexual puritanism seems to have more nasty fun than anyone else — but at least they are getting caught.  This latest case, in which Rep. Jud McMillin, a growing name in the Republican Party, resigned unexpectedly from the Indiana House after at least one sexually explicit video was discovered on his phone, is similar to many others. Well, shall we say sent from his phone, mysteriously, from Canada, because he “lost it” for approximately 24 hours. In a text Rep. Jud McMillin sent after the sex tape was allegedly leaked:

My phone was stolen in Canada and out of my control for about 24 hours. I have just been able to reactivate it under my control. Please disregard any messages you received recently. I am truly sorry for anything offensive you may have received.’

Everyone has accidentally sent a text or email to the wrong person — and you have probably replied all, at least once. The chances that someone stole this man’s phone, sent explicit videos from it to his contacts, and then it was returned to him in under 24 hours seem slim. Turns out that this man who held the second to highest elected office in Indiana was a lawyer once upon a time. He also resigned from that job suddenly.

He was the assistant prosecutor in Montgomery County, Ohio, in 2005 when he resigned after a reported affair with a woman he was representing in a domestic violence case.

From Ohio to Indiana, this leg-lifting trilobite seems to be spreading Republican family values everywhere he goes. First, he felt the need to cross all boundaries of his professional office and re-victimize a domestic violence victim by telling her if she did not testify against the man that abused her, she would be arrested (untrue) while he was having a sexual relationship with her. At the time, this good man, this righteous upstanding Republican, was MARRIED and still is. ?????Then he conveniently loses his phone for about the length of time it would take for a good bender with a young person that would find sending videos from their client’s phone just HILARIOUS (speculation).??

He must have had something to offer Illinois as a politician, right? Well, it seems that his laurels include attempting to waste taxpayer money with a ridiculous and unsuccessful effort to drug test welfare recipients. Oh, and he was also one of the co-sponsors of the state’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act. So, it looks like he was just another conservative suit filler.

This really looks like a case of good riddance to bad rubbish. Yet another republican that has no clue that hypocrisy should be avoided not recorded on your cell phone!

Feature image via Indiana State Republicans website


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