Famed Lawyer Sues FBI For Possibly Tampering With Election

Renowned Los Angeles lawyer, E. Randol Schoenberg, famous for his part in the reclaiming of artwork stolen by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, is suing the FBI in order to find out on exactly what grounds Director James Comey was able to falsely suggest Hillary Clinton committed a crime just days before the election. Specifically, he wants them to release the “probable cause” they had for reopening the investigation into her emails.

The attorney believes Comey and the FBI interfered with the election through a misuse of their power and wants to get to the bottom of it. In announcing he had filed the lawsuit on his Facebook page, Schoenberg said,

“I think we need to see what ‘probable cause’ was shown for obtaining the search warrant, because whoever thought there was going to be evidence of a crime was obviously mistake. That mistake probably changed the outcome of the election.”

Schoenberg expanded on the serious, real implications of Comey’s blunder on his blog, Investigate the FBI:

“For nine of the last 11 days before the election, the negative story dominated the news and cast a cloud over her candidacy, and the polls reflected a downturn for Clinton during that same time. In the end, Clinton narrowly lost four states — Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — where voters who said they decided in the last week greatly favored Trump.  I think it is safe to say that without Comey’s letter, Clinton would be our President.

As strange, and possibly illegal, as it was for Comey to make his announcement regarding the investigation so close to the election, from the outset, I wondered what the legal grounds were for searching through the new e-mails found on the laptop of her aide Huma Abedin’s estranged husband Anthony Weiner.”

The lawsuit goes into detail why this information must be released ASAP:

“Access to the search warrant is critical for the public to learn the basis for there-opening of the investigation to ensure that the FBI acted in a manner consistent with its constitutional obligations under the Fourth Amendment.”

Schoenberg believes the so-called “probable cause” could have come from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie or former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, both Trump surrogates. As we all know, the case was groundless and Hillary Clinton was cleared of any wrong doing, but the damage was done.

“It’s more likely something criminal happened in the obtaining of the search warrant than… Hillary Clinton did something wrong,” Schoenberg said.

In his blog, Schoenberg stated,

“This is potentially very serious, something that if traced back to Donald Trump might even lead to impeachment. It deserves to be investigated fully and openly, and quickly, because if a crime was committed in the course of the FBI investigation, it is the crime of the century.”

Previous FBI support of Trump has been well known, with one anonymous FBI source telling The Guardian his workplace was basically “Trumpland”.

The timing of Comey’s inappropriate announcement of the investigation was disastrous, there is no doubt about that. If it turns out that Trump was involved, there is no doubt his time will finally be up, too.

You can read the entire document here.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images

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