Fake Trump Tweet: Yep, That’s Far-Right Desperation You Smell (IMAGES)

There’s a Tweet making the rounds that could really hurt Donald Trump. In it, he congratulates Barack Obama on his 2012 presidential re-election, calling him a “winner” and referring to him as “my friend.” It’s pretty damning when you add that Trump has been quoted as calling Hillary Clinton a “friend” who attended his wedding. This could be a real problem for the Donald.

Except, that the Tweet is not real. It is the fever-dream of a Republican party that is being destroyed by its own Frankenstein monster. It reeks of desperation. Here is the “Tweet”:

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I love the smell of right-wing desperation.

I love the smell of right-wing desperation.

The Tweet appears on the blog page of “malach,” a far-right religious blogger who does not reveal where it came from. In answer to a commenter expressing doubts as to the Tweet’s veracity, malach points toward this article on WesternJournalism.com. But that article has nothing about a Tweet. It does quote Trump from his book, Think Like A Champion, however. The book came out in 2009 before Trump started his birther nonsense and his current campaign for president. Buzzfeed is cited as the source in this July article, in which they posted a long quote from the book. Here’s the most damning stuff:

… Barack will need to be a great president because we’re in serious trouble as a country… So he doesn’t have much choice—he will simply have to be great, which he has a very good chance of being. What he has done is amazing. The fact that he accomplished what he has—in one year and against great odds—is truly phenomenal… As of October of 2008, the U.S. government reported a $237 billion deficit. The good news is that Obama seems to be well aware of the situation. His comments have led me to believe that he understands how the economy works on a comprehensive level.

These kinds of comments would normally be a problem, but I don’t think Trump’s followers will even care. They might care about a Tweet. So a Tweet mysteriously appeared. Malach claims it was created and deleted by Trump, but the evidence to support his claim is laughable and as fake as a shiny aluminum Christmas tree. His blog entry from early November has been making the rounds again after Trump was the only GOP candidate to be name-checked by Democrats during their Saturday debate.

In the article accompanying the fake Tweet, malach as much as accuses Trump of working for Hillary’s campaign and for the Democrats in general. He points to the fact that the “liberal media” give Trump all this free air time because they know that Hillary can’t beat Trump in a general election. Trump is a plant, his comments claim:

Trump has done everything Democrats want him to do. He has successfully alienated the whole Latino population by calling illegal immigrants rapists and murderers, and by insulting Jeb’s Mexican wife… They know very well that Trump cannot beat Hillary or Bernie.

Malach goes on to present Latino views of Trump (very negative) and the likely scenario of a Democratic candidate winning 332 electoral votes, guaranteeing a victory.

Trump has enough in his background (and foreground, really) to make any sane person run from him. But his followers are not sane. They’ve been driven crazy by the opportunity to air their ugliness and they do so regularly. But the religious right are more circumspect. Yes, there is some support from religious people for Trump, but it’s not based on his views aligning with theirs.

The evangelicals know that Trump cannot win. This scares them because a Democrat won’t put up with their agenda. They would rather Ted Cruz be their candidate or Mike Huckabee (as if!)… anyone who has a proven track record of religious extremism. Anyone but Trump. So they stoop to this sort of subterfuge.

Here’s the final nail in the coffin of this fake Tweet. There’s a website where you can make your own fake Trump Tweet! Oh, yes. You can put any words in Trump’s prodigious mouth that you so desire. Type it in, click on the button, change the date with Photoshop… et viola! A Tweet from “@realDonaldTrump!” I even made my own:

It's simple! Anyone can do it!

It’s simple! Anyone can do it!

Both images are 100 x 100 pixels. I increased them for this article so they are easier to read. But, if you doubt me, go make your own and check the pixel size.

Talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, must have known about this particular page when he trolled people with fake Trump Tweets ahead of the candidate’s December 15th appearance on the show.

The right, especially the religious nutters, will stop at nothing to prevent a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders presidency. Fake Tweets are just a shot across the bow. And, as we’ve seen, easily debunked.

Feature Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr 

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