FAIL: Idiotic GOP Senator Tries To Spark Twitter War With Iran’s Foreign Minister

Senator Tom “Tehran” Cotton (R-AR), who made waves both with his comments about Iran controlling their own capital of Tehran (utterly shocking), and for saying that it would be easy to bomb them into oblivion, actually tried to bait their foreign minister, Javad Zarif, into a Twitter war. Zarif recently spoke about the emerging nuclear deal, and Cotton took issue with some of the things he said.

Zarif took the opportunity to say that the U.N. resolution would provide sanctions relief for Iran, “whether Sen. Tom Cotton likes it or not,” according to the National Journal. Unable to let that slide, Cottong replied with the following tweets (yes, plural):

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Tom_Cotton_Tweet_4Is there anything more immature than a U.S. Senator taunting another country’s foreign minister on Twitter? But then, this is Tom Cotton we’re talking about. Just as a refresher course, Cotton is the man behind the infamous Iran letter, which more or less said that Congress could torpedo any nuclear deal reached between the Obama administration and Iran. 46 other Senators signed it, and caused a major ruckus, with people on both sides of the aisle condemning the move.

Cotton, however, got his own comeuppance when Zarif decided to school him on the U.S. Constitution. He called the letter a “propaganda ploy” that had no legal value whatsoever. He went on to point out one very important fact: Treaties like this, which are not between the U.S. and Iran, but rather, the United Nations and Iran, are governed by international law. U.S. domestic law, which the Constitution oversees, has no legal standing in the international arena.

He also said that countries must fulfill their obligations under international law, and can’t invoke their own internal laws as justification for failure to abide by, and uphold, international law.

But that doesn’t matter to idiots like Cotton, who think that the U.S. has the final say in everything that goes on. These people also think that the U.N. has no authority, and seem to be completely unaware that the negotiations with Iran are not simply between them and us. Knowing that we have brazen morons like this in federal office is likely angering for someone like Zarif.

For his part, he replied to Cotton’s tweet bombardment with this, a lone tweet, that once again puts Cotton in his place:

Javad_Zarif_Tweet_1Tom Cotton would do well to learn that place, and stay in it. His letter was out of line, and he is out of line.

Featured image by Donkey Hotey. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr. Text added by Rika Christensen

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