FAIL: Donald Trump’s Facebook ‘Fans’ Are Faker Than His Tan (VIDEO)

Sam Seder of the Majority Report asked a very good question Wednesday: How the hell did a total poser like Trump get 1.7 million “likes” on Facebook? Where do those likes come from, and just who is it that actually follows this pedantic cretin?

Turning to research from Business Insider, Seder exposes the fact that Donald Trump’s “huge” amount of likes are faker than his orang-u-tan. It is a well-known trick for pages that desire to inflate their likes artificially to help them build a fan base, buy a set number of likes from a so-called Like Farm, a business that has “zombie accounts” set up in developing countries like your page for pennies per day, some paid as little as 127 dollars a year (that would be almost .35 cents a day). This sort of trickery has been determined as a form of fraud by experts.

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Trump’s proponents may cry that he is a celebrity who builds around the world, and runs the Miss Universe Pagent, so maybe those international likes may be authentic. They aren’t, the evidence is overwhelming that they aren’t legitimate, and here is a bit of information that makes it really clear: Turkey, Korea, Ireland, and Dubai, all places he is a well-known builder and personality, yet he doesn’t have a large Facebook following.

So where do they come from? Countries known to engage in Like farming.

Screen capture from the Business Insider.

Screen capture from the Business Insider.

Donald Trump without his orange makeup is scary, but this information shows us just what he looks like without his fake fans. Over 63 percent of the country has an unfavorable view of this man, yet his Facebook account shows a pretty popular figure.

Just in case you needed more evidence, here it is, according to Vocative and Business Insider, an analysis of Trump’s Malaysian followers revealed that some of their likes include pages created for brands, celebrities, and TV shows — some exceeding 7000 likes. In many cases these accounts have NOTHING in common, odd considering just geography should create some common interests.

Then there is this:

Screen capture from Business Insider

Screen capture from Business Insider

So how much could Trump be paying for followers? On pages such as BoostLikes, $99 a month gets you 300 to 400 fans a month. Other sites charge about $15 per $1,000 likes. On the day of Trump’s most recent Facebook bump, his account gained roughly 66,000 likes. If he paid $15 per 1,000 of them (which he probably didn’t, because many have to be real followers, too), then the single boost would have cost him about $1,000 — pocket change to a billionaire.

Yes, Trump appears pretty popular, but let’s face it, Uncle George Takei has over 9.6 million likes, and it is pretty doubtful that he had to buy them. Oh, yeah, and Bernie Sanders has over 3.7 million likes on his Facebook account, and Hillary Clinton has 3.1 million so it seems the popularity contest that Donald Trump’s bought 1.7 Million likes is trying to win is yet another fail on his record.

Watch Sam Seder discuss Trump’s apparently fake as hell like farm loving page here:


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