Fact: Recessions Happen 5x More Frequently Under Republicans Than Democrats

Here’s what we know to be true:

Now, what do Forbes, Business Insider and Fortune all agree on? If you want a better economy, you better vote Democrat.

Luckily, Hillary Clinton, Democratic front runner for President of the United States in 2016, let the voters in on a little secret the Republicans don’t want you to know: recessions happen 5x (Clinton said 4x) more frequently under Republican administrations than Democratic administrations.

So let’s add to the scoreboard:

  • Under Republican administrations, recessions happen at 4 times the rate.

Considering the two worst modern financial crises this nation has ever faced happened under Republicans Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush, this revelation shouldn’t come as a shock to many (unless you’re a Republican).

A study by two Princeton University economists, Alan Blinder and Mark Watson,  produced the quarterly economic data from 1947 through mid 2013 and showed that within this time span there were 11 recessions totaling 49 recessionary quarters. Within these 49 recessionary quarters, only 8 fell within Democratic administrations. So actually the number is 5x more, not 4x more.

But wait a minute…how many of those were started under Democrats and just carried to term under Republicans? That’s a question a Republican in denial will ask (or rather state as a-matter-of-fact). Here’s the answer: only two. Which means, of the 11 recessions, nine happened during a Republican administration.

That’s a big blow to the Republican ego. Like Forbes and all the other fiscally conservative outlets said – if you want a better economic condition, vote Democrat.

Featured image via Wikipedia and Telfair H. Brown Sr.

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