Fact Check: CNN Mops The Floor With Carly Fiorina Over Her Lies — Epic Hissy Fit Ensues (VIDEO)

Apparently Carly is upset that the current buzz after the debate is not about her anymore. The next day after, she showed up on CNN New Day, and got into a pissing match with Alisyn Camerota about Camerota’s assertion that she was not telling the truth during the debate.

Step 1 in the 5 steps of grief and loss over losing relevance in a Republican election cycle is start making up complete lies and then getting angry and upset if you are caught lying. Carly is firmly at step 1 now.

Carly claimed during the recent CNBC debate, that 92% of the jobs lost during Obama’s first term belonged to women. Lets think about that for .05 seconds. It is for all intents and purposes statistically impossible, yet Carly thinks we are dumb enough to believe her.

Camerota hammered Carly with the facts that the job talking point has been thoroughly debunked, by the Washington Post and it was actually a left over Mitt Romney bull*hit buzz phrase. Carly’s response to this was that the WaPo has no credibility because they once referred to Fiorina as a secretary. That is literally her response. They called me a bad word, for lack of a better way to describe it, so WE can’t believe them. Riiiight. Then Camerota moved onto the infinitely debunked Planned Parenthood video nonsense, and Fiorina’s claim that she saw things in the videos even Fox News said did not factually exist in them. Fiorina again responded with a non-answer of “Planned Parenthood is harvesting body parts.” Again, this is NOT what we asked you, Carly.

When faced with complete disaster, Carly returned to the old standby of blaming the “liberal media” for hating freedom or some stupid nonsense, and pretty much wrapped it up there.

Watch Carly get super pissed off that someone proved she is a willful liar on live TV below:

Featured Image: Youtube screen capture

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