FACEPALM: One-Term Tea Party Congressman Allen West Wants To Be Vice President (AUDIO)

There’s delusional and then there’s this: former one-term Florida Tea Party congressman Allen West announced that he’s ready to step up to the threshold and accept the nomination as Vice President.

Standing By

West is perhaps best known for his lunatic theories about President Obama. Among many lapses of intellect he routinely displays, West is a birther. And for that gained favor with the Teabaggers in Florida and got elected – for one term.

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While sitting across from radio host Jeffery Kuhner on Wednesday, West announced that he was ready to step up and serve his country as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

West made the statement after he was asked by Kuhner whether he would consider a bid for presidency himself. West, attempting to invoke Cincinnatus, claimed that it’s “just not my nature as a soldier” to go out “seeking political office.” (Yes, yes, we know he was elected once and that he ran for Congress three times. Look, just humor the man. He’s pretending to be noble!)

West added (or, perhaps, cautioned) that it was in his “nature as a soldier to serve and to step up when my country needs me, so I’m standing by.”

“I’m always ready to, if the American people need me back, I’m here, I’m ready to go,” West said.

When asked if he would run for the vice president of the Republican ticket, West said that if God and his wife were okay with a bid, then he was in:

If God is approving and my wife and my two daughters are of approval, then I would say, ‘You’ve got your guy and let’s get at it.’

Okay, yeah, that one is a threat.

Listen to the audio below:

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