Expect More GOP Pope Hate After The People’s Pope Blows Off Lunch With Boehner To Eat With Homeless

The whole country is swept up in Popemania, except for sanctimonious Republicans who worship the Koch brothers. Seriously, you know you’re a lousy Christian when atheists like myself love the pope more than they do. Moreover, Catholic Republicans (oxymoron, much?), vehemently saying they will ignore the pope’s speech, is like potheads saying they will ignore Tommy Chong. But we expect nothing less from these horrible, horrible people.

Proving once again that his chief concern is following in the footsteps of Christ (not Donald Trump) by catering to the sick and dispossessed, Pope Francis decided to have lunch with the homeless instead of John Boehner and Republicans. Moreover, doing so just seemed a wee bit more Christ-like than say watching House Speaker and bit*hy orange John Boehner grimace over rounds of Jack Daniels.

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From CNN:

In a highly symbolic moment, Francis will pass on lunch with lawmakers after addressing Congress and will dine instead with homeless people in Washington…

Francis’ past calls for migrants to be respected could draw him into the heated debate on illegal immigration that is roiling the 2016 presidential campaign. Warnings by Francis of the need to tackle climate change have angered some Republicans. The Catholic Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion meanwhile puts him at odds with many Democrats and the Obama administration.

Papal experts say that rather than openly rebuking the U.S. way of life, Francis will seek to persuade America that its great wealth confers special responsibility.

Kudos to this beautiful man. Now, I personally have little to no faith in humanity, and I’m one of those disgruntled idealists in that I see the glass as half full of sh*t. But this latest Pope seems more humanist than dogmatic, and quite possibly able to instill optimism into the more dubious of us cynics.


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