Ex-Staffers Tell Carly Fiorina ‘I’d Rather Go To Iraq’ Than Work For Her Again

Twelve of about 30 people who worked on Carly Fiorina’s failed 2010 California Senate campaign told Reuters they would not work for her again. Fiorina, once one of America’s most powerful business women, is now campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Why? Staffers have this really strange desire … they like to be paid. For more than four years, Fiorina, who despite an estimated net worth of up to $120 million – didn’t pay them, according to a review of Federal Election Commission records.

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And paying the people who work for her has been an issue for Fiorina going back to her Hewlett Packard days when she decided to lay off tens of thousands of people rather than pay them. In her political life, federal campaign filings show that until a few months before Fiorina announced her presidential bid on May 4, she still owed staffers, consultants, strategists, legal experts and vendors nearly half a million dollars.

For example, her former campaign manager Martin Wilson was owed $80,500, legal counsel Ben Ginsberg $60,000, and the widow of California political adviser Joe Shumate, who died during the final month of the campaign, at least $30,000. One consulting firm who did work for Fiorina’s joint fundraising committee, East Meridian Strategies,  has not been repaid the $9,000 the committee still owes it for bulk mailing work it did for Fiorina.

“I can confirm we have not been paid,” said firm partner Jon Seaton, who is working on Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s presidential bid.

All of the staffers were eventually paid, but only as Fiorina decided she would make this current White House run. Before the new campaign became a reality, staffers were blown off as Fiorina purchased a lavish 6.1 million dollar DC area Virginia home (remember that when she is talking about how she isn’t “part of Washington”) and managed to repay herself over a million dollars after she failed in her last campaign.

Incidentally, the home she purchased has no mortgage on record anywhere meaning she either paid cash or satisfied the mortgage in the 1st couple of years of owning the home. All this while owing the people who supported her vast sums.

“I’d rather go to Iraq than work for Carly Fiorina again,” said one high-level former campaign staffer, who asked not to be identified, citing disclosure restrictions in his contract.

Neither Fiorina’s campaign, nor the fundraising group Carly for America, a Super PAC affiliated with Fiorina, responded to requests for comment about the former staffers’ complaints, though Fiorina presidential campaign spokeswoman Anna Epstein said that the money was “owed by an entity – Carly for California. Not owed personally by Carly.”

Hey – wait, I thought according to the GOP, “corporations ARE people?” This corporation even has the person’s name on it!

I guess corporations are people only when it comes to trying to skew elections by using money from wealthy donors, not when it comes to paying employees. When it comes to that, corporations are a separate entity not to be confused with any person – especially the person who’s name is on the company.

Of course, the radical right wingers who support one percenters who don’t support them back like Fiorina will fire back “What about Hillary and Obama?” Alright, let’s get that out of the way.

On Clinton’s post campaign debts, she repaid the bulk of them by the 3rd quarter of 2009. Her position as Secretary of State prevented her from fundraising more money to clear the rest, but she was assisted by her husband Bill Clinton and President Obama in those efforts. Unlike Fiorina, Clinton saw that she owed it to the people who worked for her to make things right.

Obama’s 2012 campaign still carries some debt, about 3.2 million of the 5.6 million it owed after the 2012 election. There have been no comments from the White House on the debt. It is assumed by some that they will clear the remaining debt after he leaves office. Like with Clinton, it is reasonable to assume that he cannot fund raise for himself after taking office.

So, there is no parallel there. Just like there are no real parallels between Fiorina, the GOP’s seemingly “token” female candidate who is given less than a zero shot at winning and Clinton, who is the clear favorite. Carly Fiorina is the quintessential example of someone who stumbles to the top as her career has been nothing but failure after failure since the 1990’s. Now, add to that the lack of desire to actually pay people who work for you while you buy multi-million dollar mansions and give yourself a 7 figure payback, and you have to wonder why she is even bothering with this run?  It’s almost like someone said “Sarah Palin is booked and the GOP needs to have a woman on stage, who else do we got?”

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