Everyone Was Waiting For Warren’s Trump Takedown, And She Just Blew The Roof Off The Place (VIDEO)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a weird obsession with trying to verbally go toe to toe with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. And every time he tweets or opens his mouth to disparage her with sexist, racist, and childish attacks, she reminds him why he’s still 1000 years too unevolved even to dream of taking her on.

For months Warren has slammed Trump, exposing him as a small-minded, xenophobic, racist, elitist bully who lives to con working people to fatten his exaggerated bank account. In response, Trump has called the former Havard professor “goofy” and “Pocahontas,” a dig at her unsubstantiated claim of Native American heritage. He’s also labeled Warren as “one of the least effective senators in the entire U.S. Senate.”

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On Thursday, Warren brought the crowd to their feet as she once again dressed down the billionaire blowhard while lifting up the credentials of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton knows how to fight back against dangerous, loudmouth bullies. For 25 years she’s been on the receiving end of one attack after another, but she doesn’t back down. She doesn’t whine, she doesn’t run to Twitter and give people ugly nicknames,” the senator said, taking a swipe at Trump.

Warren said that Clinton “doesn’t quit,” and argued that the former Secretary will always fight for those in need.

That’s Hillary,” she said. “She’s battle tested and she’s the fighter working families need in the White House.

Trump, by comparison, will “do anything to help the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful,” the senator said, adding that he “is willing to step on anyone who gets in his way.”

As for Trump’s claim that Warren is “one of the least effective Senators” serving today, the truth can’t be found anywhere near his claim (which isn’t surprising).

According to The Atlantic, while Warren has only had one bill signed into law, her record is also shared by the majority of her colleagues elected around the same time she was in 2012. Most freshman senators have only passed one bill between 2012 and 2016, only two rookie Senators have had more legislative success.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer have each had a whopping two bills pass the upper chamber and signed into law by President Obama.

Unlike Trump, Warren’s real success stems from her passion for looking out for the American people. Before Warren became a senator, she helped the government start the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an independent government agency aimed at protecting consumers from predatory financial practices, scams, and rip-offs.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, is probably thanking a glossy of himself that Warren and her agency wasn’t around during the time when he was building his empire.

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