Everybody Is Laughing At Trump Today And This One Graph Shows Why

In the week after the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump and his supporters spent a whole lot of time gloating about the polls that said he was ahead of Hillary Clinton. They were sure that even in July, those polls meant that he was going to win the General Election in November. Those of us who know a little something about politics and polling knew that A) polls in July mean absolutely nothing and B) the candidate always gets a slight bump after their convention so after convention polling is pretty unreliable. Trump, however, doesn’t know a damn thing about running for office and he saw the polls as a boost to his already inflated ego. Unfortunately for the Republican nominee, he didn’t stay in the lead for very long.

Real Clear Politics released post-Democratic National Convention polling that is causing Trump to be mocked far and wide:

First, what you’ll notice is that in the aftermath of the RNC, Trump’s favorability rating didn’t go up nearly as much as Hillary’s did. The other thing you will notice is that he actually had quite a drop (5 points) in support that had very little to do with the DNC and a lot to do with his attacks on a Gold Star family, asking Russia to hack Hillary Clinton and all of the other stupidity that flowed out of the hole in his face over the last week. We probably didn’t even need to hold a convention to see that drop.

Of course, Twitter is having much fun with this:

Now, as I said above, although polls don’t matter a whole lot three months from the November election, they matter a whole lot to Trump. He measures his success by what the polls are saying and right now I’m sure he wants to retreat into his big gold bedroom because he just can’t even with these polls.

Let’s all hope Trump continues to show America how horrible he really is so that we can trounce him when we go to the polls.

Featured image via John Moore/Getty Images

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