Even The NYPD Just Called Bullsh*t On Trump’s Skyrocketing Murder Rate Claim (TWEETS)

Between his constant gross sniffling and gorilla-like outbursts, it was easy to forget some of the substantive questions debate moderator Lester Holt asked at the first Presidential Debate on Monday night. Among those boring and low-energy questions was the subject of New York’s now defunct Stop-and-Frisk program. Holt addressed the racist nature of the controversial program and asked both candidates if they believed it to be effective at reducing crime. And this was the moment where the sh*t hit the fan and Trump went full-blown Orange Hitler.

Claiming that Stop-and-Frisk was effective (it wasn’t) and not overtly racist (it was), here was some of the trumped up nonsense Trump offered:

“Stop and frisk had a tremendous impact on the safety of New York City, tremendous beyond belief. So when you say it has no impact, it really did. It had a very, very big impact. It was taken away from her and our mayor, our new mayor, refused to go forward with the case. They would have won an appeal.”

Trump then denied that Stop-and-Frisk was a form of racial profiling, which is categorically not true and, in fact, the primary reason why it was ruled unconstitutional. But the real doozy was when Trump, taking a page out of Nixon’s fear-mongering handbook, claimed the murder rate was up in NYC.

Needless to say the people who actually deal with stopping murders had a pretty major problem with that lie. It prompted J. Peter Donald, the NYPD’s assistant commissioner for communication and public information, to publicly call out Trump’s claims on Twitter.


And when it came to Trump’s fallacious claim that murder rates were up in NYC:

The funny thing about the truth is it’s just a click away. But like Clinton quipped during the debate, Donald lives in his “own reality.” One in which a wall keeps out facts and reason.

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