Even The Koch Brothers Think The GOP Clown Car Sucks – Won’t Endorse A Candidate (VIDEO)

Charles and David Koch, ultra-rich GOP puppet masters, have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to advance their uber-conservative beliefs. Their piles of money endorsements are vital to Republican candidates in both state and national elections. Still, despite the obscene amount of money they’ve spent, they believe they are “failures” at changing the political climate.

In a rare joint interview aired Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Charles Koch stated that he has been “discouraged for a long time” with the Republican Party.

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So even the Koch Brothers think the GOP sucks? Or maybe he thinks he just hasn’t gotten his money’s worth?

Reflecting on last November’s mid-term elections, Koch said:

We looked like we won [but] as you can see, the performance, we didn’t win much of anything.

Aww, poor little rich dude. Sitting there with $250 million in your pocket and finally realizing that there is not one endorsable candidate in the current GOP clown car. That must sting a little.

Koch actually had the audacity to compare himself to Martin Luther King, Jr., stating:

But I’m kind of like Martin Luther when he was on trial and ‘He said, here I stand, I can do no other.’

Makes you want to puke, doesn’t it?

Hoping to find just the right candidate to promote their Libertarianesque, free-market beliefs, Koch remarked:

I don’t care what party, I just want somebody who’s going to advance these ideas.

When asked if he sees HIS candidate out there, Koch responded, “Not in great measure.”

That’s Koch-speak for “we haven’t found our puppet … yet.”

Be sure and watch this interview on an empty stomach:

Featured image courtesy of sanders.senate.gov.

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