Even Marco Rubio’s Friends Can’t Name Anything He Has Actually Accomplished (VIDEO)

As more and more GOP presidential candidates fall by the wayside it is appearing likely that Marco Rubio will become the person who will assume the role of the “great establishment hope” in the effort to keep Donald Trump from being the party’s nominee. But there’s a slight problem. When asked, Rubio’s backers are hard-pressed to name anything the Florida senator has actually accomplished in congress.

Earlier this month, MSNBC’s resident Republican hack Joe Scarborough played an unintentional game of “stump the chump” with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum when he asked the former presidential candidate to name just one thing that Rubio had gotten passed. Santorum came up empty.

Scarborough’s sidekick Mika Brzezinski tried to make it easy on Santorum, by asking him if he could name an accomplishment belonging to Rubio from his days as speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Again, nothing.

Santorum didn’t think the line of questioning was fair. He said,

The bottom line is there isn’t a lot of accomplishments, Joe, and I just don’t think it’s a fair question to say – over the last four years where nothing has happened and then blame one person because he didn’t get accomplishments.

On February 24 another Rubio supporter was asked a similar question by MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts, and his response was almost identical to Santorum’s. Roberts spoke to freshman Nevada GOP congressman Crescent Hardy about Tuesday’s caucuses. Roberts starts by asking Hardy to name a legislative accomplishment of Rubio’s. Hardy ignores the question and instead talks about his issues with Donald Trump.

When he finishes trashing Trump, Hardy talks about Rubio’s “plan,” and how all the details of it are laid out on Rubio’s campaign website. That’s not good enough for Roberts, who asks again,

But is there one thing you can name over the past year that you can point to that you’ve seen first hand that he has done that demonstrates presidential character. To be able to get things done?

Hardy hesitates before saying,

On the hill I have not seen that, he’s been running for the presidential race most of this year.

The best example of Rubio’s work in congress that Hardy can offer is Rubio’s involvement with the so-called “Gang of Eight” in 2013 that sought to work out a compromise on immigration policy. “I’m glad it didn’t go through,” Hardy says.

Wow. What do you expect your rivals to say when the best “accomplishment” your supporters can name is a bill that didn’t pass?

Here’s video of Hardy’s comments, via Real Clear Politics/MSNBC:

Featured image via Real Clear Politics/MSNBC screen capture

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