Even GOP Voters Find Their Candidates To Be A ‘Disgusting’ Embarrassment’ (VIDEO)

You know things are bad when you’ve lost many of the members of your own party as well as Independent voters. That was the rude awakening Fox News saw play out last night during the Republican Debate. Republican pollster Frank Luntz held a focus group while the debate played out in Michigan.

When undecided voters were asked to give one word to describe the debate, Luntz got responses that he says he’s never heard before. People felt so negative that even Luntz was surprised. “Normally, Republican voters embrace what these candidates are saying. Not last night.”

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The words the undecided voters came up with were: Sophomoric, embarrassment, disappointing, shameful, despicable, angering, low on substance, disgusting and nothing more than a schoolyard brawl.

Luntz was visibly shocked and concerned. “OK, now this ain’t good, because there are millions and millions of people who watched the debate tonight, and this is the most negative response I have had,” he said perfectly articulating the biggest “well, duh” moment on television. When he went on to ask the group to raise their hands if they thought the GOP debate helped the Republican party not a single person in the focus group raised their hands. Probably because voters are turned off by the idea of immature, “shameful,” “embarrassments” leading the free world.

They’re not getting their points across,” one focus group members said. “They’re not telling us about what they want to do as president.

Probably because they’re too concerned about getting the job that they don’t focus on how they’ll do the job.

They’re constantly attacking Donald Trump,” one person said to Luntz’s shock and curiosity. When he asked why that makes the person unhappy the member said, “Rubio, Cruz, they’re sandwiching him for the last two debates.

Republicans aren’t just an embarrassment in the presidential race, they’re an embarrassment in Congress too. Barely half of southern Republican primary voters said that they supported the GOP blocking of the Supreme Court Justice. It seems the GOP hasn’t figured out that the American voters aren’t happy with their typical politics as usual.

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