Even Fox Is Getting Tired Of GOP Whining: Next Debate Moderator Tells Candidates To Grow Up

Fox Business Channel’s Maria Bartiromo is jumping on the bandwagon of people giving Republicans the wake-up jolt they need. She is one of the hosts of Tuesday’s upcoming debate and she’s tired of all their whining.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Bartiromo likely agrees with much of what will be said during the debate. She is all about big businesses, often to the detriment of the people. She was among the many banging the drums against the Affordable Care Act — predicting a part-time economy, which didn’t come true. She has spoken about the “moral imperative of capitalism,” and she disputes the idea that class warfare is happening. She also thinks the field of GOP candidates is a bunch of crybabies.

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Okay, “crybabies” might be my word, but the implication was there when she said about the GOP CNBC debate (from the Daily Beast):

I happened to be traveling that night, but my Twitter feed was on fire. And then I came home and watched the debate… I worked at CNBC for 20 years. I don’t want to come across as criticizing people who I’ve known for a long time, and who I know probably were disappointed at the end of that night.

Bartiromo is in agreement with her colleague, Megyn Kelly, who mocked the extensive list of demands provided by the candidates with “and then, maybe, like a foot massage?”

I agree with Megyn,” Bartiromo said. “By the way, President Obama says, ‘If these guys can’t handle moderators, how are they gonna handle China and Russia?’ You should be able to know that you’re going to be asked any question. It’s all fair game.

It is all fair game, but Fox has no one to blame but the monster it built. That monster was Sarah Palin, who famously complained that being asked what newspapers she read is a “gotcha” question. Yes, of course, there are silly questions, like asking about comic books, but in a campaign that lasts for more than a year and is filled with debates and frankly, stupid candidates, there are bound to be stupid questions. Perhaps it’s time the candidates “woman up” and handle their debates with the grace in which Hillary Clinton handled eleven hours of a Benghazi inquisition.

As a moderator, she says no question will be off-limits. Of course, she works for Fox, so don’t look for too much about the issues the people care about, except perhaps immigration.


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