Even Carly Fiorina Knows Hillary Clinton Would Beat Donald Trump

The GOP is really starting to sweat as Donald Trump virtually sails into the upcoming primaries will little real challenge. The only one who comes close is Senator Ted Cruz, and that’s in the Iowa caucuses. But as far as New Hampshire goes, Trump has it in the bag. Too bad that would spell doom for the GOP come November. Many Republicans, including Senator and presidential hopeful Lindsey Graham, know for a fact that if Trump wins their party’s nomination, it’s game over for the GOP. Now add Carly Fiorina to the mix of doubtful Republicans.

Fiorina, whose second GOP debate saw a surge in the polls after she attacked the frontrunner, is now saying the Donald could not, would not and will not beat Hillary Clinton if he synchs the nomination. Appearing on the Sunday talk shows, Fiorina said a Trump nomination would be a “big Christmas gift wrapped under the tree” for Hillary Clinton because “she can beat Donald Trump; Donald Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton.”

An Fiorina is right to think that. Even a recent Fox News poll has Clinton beating Trump by eleven points nationally, a stark difference from last month when Fox had Trump beating Clinton by five points. I guess the majority of Americans don’t take too kindly to fascism.

Friona did, oddly enough, call herself:

The lump of coal in Mrs. Clinton stocking, and she desperately hopes that she does not run against me.

Did Carly Fiorina just call herself a lump of coal? That she did. And apparently voters within the GOP view her the same way given her very low numbers.

If Hillary Clinton can beat Donald Trump the frontrunner, what makes Carly Fiorina think she can beat Clinton when she couldn’t even beat Barbara Boxer? Carly Fiorina and all the other Republicans should be afraid of the monster they have created and unleashed on the people. Trump is their baby, now they have to raise it.

And let’s be real…not only could Hillary beat him handedly, so could Bernie Sanders. Once you get candidates on that stage who aren’t afraid to attack him (unlike the GOP candidates – except Paul and Bush) he’ll go down in flames.

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