Eric Trump Says Wisconsin Recount KILLED ‘At Least 5,000’ Children — Twitter Eats His F*cking Soul

Over the weekend, Eric Trump, son of billionaire real estate con artist and now President-elect Donald Trump, decided to try to out-stupid his daddy on Twitter. And he succeeded.

Trump asserted that the presidential election recount efforts underway in Wisconsin had cost the lives of “at least 5,000 children.”

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On Sunday, Trump tweeted:

“The Sad Truth: The Cost Of Stein/Clinton’s Vote Recount Could Have Saved At Least 5,000 Children’s Lives.”

The tweet featured a link to a Forbes article by conservative writer Chris Conover.

Conover claims that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein should have used the $3.5 million she raised for the recount to treat children with malaria.

While Eric Trump, his brother Donald Trump Jr., and their father were busy high-fiving Eric’s “tremendous” debating intellect, Twitter was also busy ripping the overgrown trust fund brat a new orifice.

It is good to know that Eric Trump is now passionate about saving children instead of spending thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars on safari trips with his equally psycho brother so they could hunt down defenseless endangered animals.

The impoverished children of the world can rest a bit easier now.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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