Eric Trump Has A Total Meltdown When CNN Presses Him On Daddy’s Taxes (VIDEO)

Ever since the New York Times came out with a piece that showed a business loss of nearly a billion dollars that possibly resulted in the ability of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to legally avoid paying federal income taxes for almost two decades, the pressure has been on Team Trump to release the business mogul’s tax returns. As was to be expected, when one of Trump’s sons appeared on CNN, he was pressed on whether or not his father paid federal taxes.

Just like his father, Eric Trump was unable to stay cool under pressure. Instead of giving some kind of reasonable answer, little Eric just didn’t answer the question CNN’s Dana Bash put to him. Bash began:

“There’s a lot of talk tonight about federal income taxes. Can you just put this to rest? Has your father paid federal income taxes?”

Stuck between (probably) lying on the air and admitting what the world suspects – that Donald Trump hasn’t paid federal income taxes in two decades – the littlest of the grown Trump sons deflected the question and simply said, “We pay a tremendous amount of taxes.”

Being the good reporter that she is, Bash pushed Eric Trump, and continued:

“Federal income taxes? My question is has he paid federal income taxes over the last 18 years?”

Eric Trump’s refusal to answer the question continued, with his line about the business and “tremendous” tax payments:

“Yes, absolutely, my father pays a tremendous amount of tax and we as a company hire a tremendous amount of people (which) leads to people being able to care for their children and families.”

Bash then remarked on the little Trumpster’s pivoting talents, and then asked if Eric Trump himself had seen his own father’s tax returns. Eric then went on the defense and did what Team Trump does best, which is attack Hillary Clinton when they can’t answer a question:

“My father pays a tremendous amount of tax, as a company, as a company we pay a tremendous amount of tax and goes so far beyond federal income taxes. How about real estate taxes? How about employment taxes? How about sales tax? How about every other type of tax that goes into that? We pay a tremendous amount of tax as a company that is very very very different than Hillary Clinton who has lived off the government for the last 40 years.”

You know, Eric, if your father would just release his tax returns and quit pretending there’s a reason he can’t (the audit excuse died a long time ago), you could avoid these awkward situations. You know what this leads me to believe? That no, Donald Trump has not paid a penny of federal income taxes in nearly two decades. I also suspect that there are other bombshells in those documents – perhaps they reveal nefarious ties to hostile foreign governments, like Russia, China, or North Korea.

Either way, we’ll never know, because Donald Trump will never release his tax returns.

Watch the exchange below:

Featured image via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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