Eric Trump Gets Busted In Blatant Lie When Mark Cuban Notices Something Off About Picture He Used

It’s like they aren’t even trying anymore. The Trump family has been permitted to spew their falsehoods for so long that they don’t bother with even attempting to be accurate or truthful.

Case in point, Eric Trump tweeted a photo in response to Hillary Clinton calling out “half of Trump supporters” for being racist bigots. But, even in the task of just tweeting a photo with a snarky remark, the Trump boy failed to select an accurate photo.

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He claims the picture is of the “basket of deplorables” at the Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida.

Except, it wasn’t. The Texas flag is clearly seen in the left side of the photo. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks who happens to be familiar with the arena shown in the picture was quick to shine light on the latest Trumpian lie.

This is one of the major problems (certainly not the only problem) with Donald Trump and his ilk. They attempt to create this alternate universe where facts and reality simply don’t matter.

Another example of this “creative” reality writing is how Trump campaigned through the primaries while perpetuating an urban legend from the stump. A standard (gruesome) story told at his rallies was that of U.S. General John Pershing who allegedly executed Muslim insurgents with bullets dipped in pigs blood. The incident NEVER happened.

TIME spoke with Brian McAllister Linn who is a history professor at Texas A&M University and also considered an expert in the Philippine conflict. He reviewed his own information, as well as the notes of Frank Vandiver, author of a biography about Pershing. Linn says:

“We both checked our notes and found no evidence to support this. We also concluded it was out of character.”

And, who could forget the claims made by Trump about seeing Muslims celebrate 9/11 in New Jersey, or that he didn’t support the Iraq War, or his claims that Hillary Clinton hasn’t answered any questions about her immigration plan, or that “our veterans are treated worse than illegal immigrants,” or, or, or. . .

Trump has lied so much that Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact gave his statements the 2015 Lie of the Year award.

These blatant lies do not phase Trump supporters, though. They drink it up. And while a silly snarky tweet with the wrong picture of an arena isn’t really much cause for concern – it speaks volumes about how sloppy Trump and his kids are with something as simple as the truth.

Featured image via Twitter

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