Elizabeth Warren WRECKS Republicans Over Ad Portraying Her As Communist (TWEETS)

Elizabeth Warren fired back big time at an ignorant Republican attack ad that played during the most recent GOP clown car debate on the Fox Business channel.

The ad portrays Warren as some kind of Communist, stealing most of its imagery from the 80’s Apple Macintosh Ad of a dystopian future. She isn’t even running for anything either, so they must be TERRIFIED of her.

At issue, besides the lame and completely unsuccessful attempt at character assassination, is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Republicans are painting it as some kind of awful oppressive dictatorship of an agency, that will destroy your freedom, snoop your private life and cause America to be so bad that the terrorists won’t want to take it over any longer.

Warren, true to form, was not having any of it. She took to twitter and fired back with some immediate and harsh words for the Republican clown show:

The CFPB is a huge success so far, and it is helping regular poor and middle-class families have a voice again against the greed of corporations and wall street. This is exactly why Republicans want to destroy it. Their efforts, it seems, are not going to work.

Featured Image via Wikicommons

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