Elizabeth Warren Vows To Crush Donald Trump

On Tuesday night, Elizabeth Warren wasted no time tearing into Donald Trump after his victory in Indiana. The Massachusetts senator took to Facebook to explain just who Donald Trump is and why she’s going to kick his ass:

Donald Trump is now the leader of the Republican Party. It’s real – he is one step away from the White House. Here’s what else is real:

Trump has built his campaign on racism, sexism, and xenophobia. There’s more enthusiasm for him among leaders of the KKK than leaders of the political party he now controls.

He incites supporters to violence, praises Putin, and, according to a columnist who recently interviewed him, is “cool with being called an authoritarian” and doesn’t mind associations with history’s worst dictators.

That bit was for the liberal Independents. The left and the middle is nauseated by the idea of hate for the sake of hate and Trump represents the absolute worst of the American people.

But, being Elizabeth Warren and all, she makes a VERY compelling case for why conservatives should be rejecting Trump as well:

He attacks veterans like John McCain who were captured and puts our servicemembers at risk by cheerleading illegal torture. In a world with ISIS militants and leaders like North Korean strongman Kim Jong-Un conducting nuclear tests, he surrounds himself with a foreign policy team that has been called a “collection of charlatans,” and puts out contradictory and nonsensical national security ideas one expert recently called “incoherent” and “truly bizarre.”

I may not be a fan of McCain, but even I was appalled at Trump’s insults. I imagine that the right, ostensibly dedicated to the military, would have trouble voting for someone so utterly dismissive of the troops. As for national defense, conservatives love nothing more than to complain about how terrible Obama is at it and how we’re not secure enough. Will they really elect someone like Trump? A loudmouth buffoon that knows even less about foreign policy than the average high schooler?

Even the gung-ho right-wing is sick of endless war and “President” Trump is a guarantee that we’ll have more of it for really REALLY stupid reasons.

Warren wraps up her post with a call to arms to the entire country to face down Trump’s attempt to Balkanize America and refuse to blink:

What happens next will test the character for all of us – Republican, Democrat, and Independent. It will determine whether we move forward as one nation or splinter at the hands of one man’s narcissism and divisiveness. I know which side I’m on, and I’m going to fight my heart out to make sure Donald Trump’s toxic stew of hatred and insecurity never reaches the White House.

 If you’re not looking forward to Elizabeth Warren going on the attack against Donald Trump, you must be crazy. Me? I’m getting my popcorn ready!

Featured image via IYON archives

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