Elizabeth Warren: Trump Is A ‘Bully’ And I’m Not Going To ‘Shut Up,’ I’m Going To ‘Punch Back’ (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren took on Donald Trump, once again on Sunday, continuing their ongoing war of words. During an interview with Boston station WBZ, the Massachusetts senator said that Trump is nothing more than a “bully” who thinks she is going to “shut up” if he calls her names. But she has news for him. She knows how to fight back against a bully and intends to “punch back.”

Jon Keller, the show’s host, asked Warren about the Republican nominee’s disgusting habit of calling her “Pocahontas,” wondering “what goes through her mind” when Trump hurls his childish insults at her.

You know, I want to say to him, ‘Do you really think this is going to work?’ I mean, let’s face it. Donald Trump is a thin-skinned, racist bully. He thinks somehow, if he calls me names, that I’m gonna shut up,” Warren said. “And I think he’s got plenty of evidence now that that’s just not gonna happen because that’s the way you gotta deal with bullies, you just stand up and punch back.

Warren added that it didn’t surprise her one bit the bigoted billionaire continued to question her heritage and use it as an attack against her given his infamous penchant for racism.

Donald Trump is out there on so many fronts stirring up as much hate as he can,” Warren said. “It kind of fits with who Donald Trump has been from the very beginning.

Donald Trump has built his entire campaign on hatred and bigotry. Thankfully, liberal hero Elizabeth Warren has been there to smack him down and call him out every step of the way and it doesn’t look like that is likely to change anytime soon, no matter how many names Trump calls her. She is right. The only way to stop a bully is to whoop a little ass and Warren is always ready to take a swing at the likes of a “thin-skinned, racist bully” like Trump, which is just one of the many reasons we love her so much.

Watch Elizabeth Warren’s interview, here:

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