Elizabeth Warren Pulls No Punches As She Takes On Senate Republicans (Video)

As host of the political talk show, The Ignorance Equation, one thing that never fails to completely floor me is when we receive calls from average, working class Americans who insist on standing up for the big banks, the corrupt corporations, and the billionaire donor class, while simultaneously blaming the poor and disenfranchised for their every struggle in life. There are many theories on why so many people choose to vote against their own interests while passionately defending the rich and powerful who make our lives more difficult by manipulating tax loopholes, ignoring regulations, and spreading fear and propaganda to control the angry and uninformed masses.

One reason many Americans defend the super wealthy is because deep down they truly want to believe that they themselves will soon strike it rich and be asked to join the party. Another perhaps more disturbing reason people attack the poor while worshiping the super wealthy oligarchs is that it’s simply easier to punch downwards and attack the poor and powerless than to punch upwards and take on the rich and powerful. But whatever the reason for peoples’ animus towards those less fortunate, the one common thread that remains constant among most Americans is our frustration with a political system that is so clearly broken.

In an age of Congressional gridlock, willful ignorance, and economic chicanery, it’s not easy fighting against the systemic corruption that, thanks to “Citizens United”, has become so thoroughly embedded in our Democracy. Fortunately, we still have true Representatives of the people who are willing to fight for the common man, no matter how hard the task at hand may be. Enter: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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On Tuesday, Warren took on Federal Reserve official Leonard Chanin about his role in the Housing Market Crash of 2008 during a Banking Committee. The committee was held by Senate Republicans in order “to talk about why we should roll back the rules on mortgages and credit cards because they’re just too costly for the banks.”

Warren pulled no punches as she took on Chanin, who served as former Deputy Director of the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs at the Federal Reserve Board during the crises, candidly asking,

According to the Dallas Fed, (the) crisis cost the American economy an estimated $14 trillion. It cost millions of families their homes, their jobs, their savings – devastating communities across America. So when you talk now about how certain regulations are too costly or too difficult to comply with, you sound a lot like you did before the 2008 crisis when you failed to act,

True to form, Chanin tried to obfuscate and misdirect in an obscene attempt to avoid Warren’s questions, a tactic that has become all too common from the so-called party of accountability.

Watch Elizabeth Warren Take On Senate Republicans Via Senator Elizabeth Warren’s YouTube:

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