Elizabeth Warren Just Won Hillary Clinton The Progressive Vote In The General

Elizabeth Warren just had a mic drop moment of her own during a telephone interview with The Globe. The progressive hero not only called Donald Trump out on his ridiculously juvenile sexism, she clearly told the world that she feels Hillary Clinton IS qualified to be president.

Donald Trump clearly feels threatened by Secretary Clinton’s qualifications to be president so he’s attacking Hillary Clinton for being a woman. That’s what weak men do. It is an old story, and I don’t think the American voters will fall for it.

The fact is that she is right, Hillary Clinton is 100 percent more qualified than Trump, period. So qualified, as a matter of fact, that Donald Trump’s extremely well-funded attack machine thinks his strongest attack at this point is her gender. Of course, Trump’s actions have made it pretty clear that in his opinion, her gender is fair game to attack because it is somehow innately weaker than his (because patent bullsh*t is no problem for Trump).

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We need someone in the White House who isn’t afraid to fight for equal rights for women. That person is not Donald Trump.

Clinton has suffered some extreme smear campaigns, orchestrated by Republicans, for decades. Her gender, every policy decision, every action scrutinized at price tags to the American people amounting to millions of dollars — yet every single investigation has amounted to findings of no criminal acts.

Even when the people going after her were willing to do anything to pin “crimes” on her that, literally, weren’t crimes or her fault (Benghazi, etc, etc, etc.).

Despite constant mudslinging by the GOP, she has still had a long political career with many victories for women, yet quite a few Democrats and Independents are not happy with all of her decisions over those years.

This endorsement of qualifications by Warren herself may be just what Clinton needs to beat Trump in the general election if she is nominated (which at this point is a near statistical certainty).

Hillary Clinton may not be the progressive movement’s dream candidate, but Elizabeth Warren is confirming that Warren sees her as a highly qualified candidate.

Oh, yeah, and Trump is a sexist. Warren stated that she had hoped The Globe would ask her if Trump is a sexist:

That’s like asking if he has bad hair. He wears the sexism out front for everyone to see.

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