Elizabeth Warren Just OWNED Trump AGAIN With Her Most Epic Smackdown Yet (TWEETS)

Donald Trump just never learns and he is proving it again.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump and Senator Elizabeth Warren got into a huge Twitter fight after the Republican decided to act like a middle schooler and insult her with his trademark name calling. Instead of ignoring the billionaire’s insults, she hit back and shut him up. Apparently the fact that he was put in his place by a woman really annoyed Trump and he just couldn’t leave well enough alone. On Wednesday, he decided to continue the fight and started attacking Warren again:

Besides being full of shit, it is obvious that he only continues to lie about Warren is because she had the audacity to stand up to him. Trump HATES when women question him and that’s exactly what the senator pointed out when she responded to him:

After pointing out his obvious misogyny, Warren took him down in her most brutal attack yet:


It’s so refreshing to see someone kick his ass. Senator Warren is our hero and Trump should probably leave her alone in the future. This is getting embarrassing.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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