Elizabeth Warren Just CRUSHED Trump In EPIC Twitter Rant (TWEETS)

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been a consistently progressive politician with a reputation for being courageous, outspoken, and fair. So, when someone this highly regarded in liberal circles takes off the “gloves” to deliver a roundhouse punch to the low-life “loser” Trump — we should all take notice.

Warren has two verified accounts, her official senatorial account and her private account, this is her private account:

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Well, no doubt how she feels about the orange skinned troglodyte running under a banner of really bad hair. She didn’t stop there, though, and through a series of tweets delivered a message that people need to hear, Donald Trump is a serious threat to America:

Elizabeth Warren is a kick-ass politician, an example of  how to be a progressive, and she is nobodies fool. She didn’t mince words here and her meaning is unmistakably urgent: we must rally behind the common best interest and vote against Trump – that means getting our butts out to vote in the primaries as well as voting blue in the general election.

Trump may have been able to electrify the right-wing hatriot vote with his inane 4th-grade rhetoric, but hopefully, Elizabeth Warren’s strongly worded takedown can electrify the thinking vote across the spectrum to combat the simplistic, baseless, soundbite based, dangerous presidential run of Donald Trump.

Featured image via Tim Pierce/Flickr

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