Elizabeth Warren Thrashes GOP For Their Heartless Treatment Of Refugees (VIDEO)

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), in a blistering speech on the Senate floor, rightfully called out the Republican party for their blatant display of Islamophobia after the devastating attacks in Paris.

Recently, members of the GOP have shown an utter lack of sympathy for the refugees America is poised to accept and have asked the Obama Administration to halt the “importation” of the refugees — even the young children.

A plethora of GOP governors have pledged to refuse refugee settlement in their states even though such action is A) unconstitutional and B) unenforceable.

Republican fear-mongering has once again stolen the show, and its rank hostility has once again put a stain on the values America holds dear.

Elizabeth Warren wasn’t having any of it:

In the wake of the murders in Paris and Beirut last week, people in America and Europe and throughout the world are fearful. Millions of Syrians are fearful as well. Terrified by the realities of their daily lives. Terrified that the last avenue of escape of their horrors of ISIS will be closed. Terrified that the world will turn its back on them and their children.

(She’s looking at you, Republicans).

Some politicians have already moved in that direction. Proposing to close our country to people fleeing the massacre in Syria…that is not a real plan to keep us safe. [We are] a country founded by those crossing the sea, fleeing religious persecution and seeking religious freedom. We are not a nation that delivers children back into the hands of ISIS murderers because some politician doesn’t like their religion.

And there it is! Someone finally said it. Not only are the Republicans in office xenophobic cowards, they are sheer Islamophobes. Remember, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz said we can always bring in the Christian refugees. But the Muslims? Yeah, not so much.

Once again, Elizabeth Warren knocks it out of the park. The stark contrast between the sympathy of the Democrats and the fear-mongering of the Republicans is as evident as ever.

Watch Elizabeth Warren scold Republicans below:

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