Elizabeth Warren Burns Trump Like Never Before In Just One Epic Tweet (SCREENSHOT)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has the perfect combination of non-threatening English school teacher and feisty bad*ss. She knows Trump is just an overgrown man-child and bully, and the only way to get a rise out of him is to go to his playground. And that playground is Twitter.

The progressive Senator from Massachusetts seems to be the only democrat who knows how to get under the extremely thin skin of Trump. Routinely emasculating and flat-out making a whiny little b*tch out of him, Warren is to Hillary what Joe Biden was to Barack Obama; that is, she gets to defend Hillary and attack in the same way Joe did for President Obama.

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Here was Elizabeth Warren responding to Trump’s “second amendment” remark with respects to encouraging his already deranged and gun fondling supporters to assassinate Hillary .


Yes! As a comedian, I can say that Elizabeth Warren knows how to break through all the pleasantries and get to the unvarnished truth. Trump is the most unserious candidate who’s all about ego, so Warren was brilliant to call a spade a spade. She knows he can’t stand it, so she pounces on his obvious vulnerabilities with glee.

But Warren didn’t just stop her epic smackdown there.

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Yes, yes, and more yes! I’ve always said that Trump is like Hitler but with really bad hair. Obviously, he will most likely respond with the same faux macho, tough guy act. But kudos to Sen Warren for always knowing how to get a rise out of him and thus validate her smackdowns.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Tim Pierce

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