Elizabeth Warren Brutally Burns Trump and Pence: ‘Two Small, Insecure, Weak Men’

As the Trump/Pence train pulls out of the station on the campaign trail, it’s had a few . . . let’s call them bumps. That wonderful campaign logo may have put them on the right footing, but was Elizabeth Warren’s brutal takedown of the two men on Twitter Saturday that will probably stop the show.

“Weak Men”

Warren has been strongly critical of Trump from the beginning, delivering a number of scathing attacks on the Teflon Don over the course of the primary. That the best Trump and his followers can come up with as a retort is “Pocahontas” speaks to their intellect and creativity.

After announcing that his campaign running mate was going to be Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Warren wasted no time tearing into them, calling them “two small, insecure, weak men” in a spectacular Twitter takedown of the ticket:

She also went after the Republican platform, which is probably the most radical right-wing thing that the Party of the South ever vomited on plate, remarking on how the platform says “children not from ‘natural marriage’ are more likely to be drug addicts” and “The @GOP platform says overturn marriage equality & it supports parents putting their LGBT children through conversion therapy.” She call it “disgusting” and “hateful,” which is being too generous in my mind. The troglyditic zoophytes that squatted this theocratic bullshit left “disgusting” and “hateful” behind a long time ago. It’s like criticizing ISIS for being “not nice.”

And this is the platform that Trump and Pence are leading. Really, her criticisms don’t just apply to the White and Whiter, they belong to the entire establishment of the Republican Party. They just happen to fit Donald Trump really well.

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